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Arifwala is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 30°17′34.8″N 73°3′54″E / 30.293000°N 73.06500°E / 30.293000; 73.06500Coordinates: 30°17′34.8″N 73°3′54″E / 30.293000°N 73.06500°E / 30.293000; 73.06500
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Division Sahiwal
District Pakpattan
Tehsil Arifwala
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Arifwala (Urdu: عارِف والا‎; Western Punjabi: عارفوالہ is a Tehsil of Pakpattan District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It is located to the southwest of Pakpattan.


In nineteenth century Arifwala was only a village named as Chak No. 61/EB. Later, it was called Arifwala because of a Sufi Saint "Arif Baba" Who Stayed in village His Mazar can be seen in Grave yard near Railway Station . In 1908, the Deputy Governor "Hurbert" founded new city of Arifwala. In 1987, Arifwala was raised to the status of sub-division and in 1995 it was attached to district Pakpattan.


Punjabi is the native spoken language [2] but Urdu is also widely used.


Most of the population are farmers, about 75% of the population live in villages and only 25% live in the municipal urban area. But the trend is shifting with the increase of industrialization in the premises of Arifwala and people are moving to the urban area. Arifwala Tehsil covers an area of 295,146 acres (5 km2) with a population of about 720,000. The urban area covers 457 acres (1.82 km2) and the agriculture area covers 1274 acres (3.18 km²).


Agriculture is important to the local economy, particularly the growing of cotton, grain, potato, wheat and rice exported all over Pakistan and around the world. The grain market of Arifwala is one of the biggest grain markets in Pakistan.But from few years the advanced way of agriculture is on peak in which is called as Tunnel Farming.Now it is the big source of economy in this area.Farmers here grow different kinds of vegetables which are also exported in all over Pakistan.


Industry of Arifwala city is primarily an Agro-based. The main industries include Beverage & Food processing units, Rice Mills, Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Flour Mills, Fertilizer companies, Vegetable Ghee & Cooking Oil, Poultry Feed, Seed Processing and leather products.


The climate of Arifwala is extreme, reaching 50 °C in summer, and down to 0 °C in winter. The soil of the suburbs is very fertile.


Ahmad Health Complex is a Pakistan-based non-governmental, unbiased & not for profit organisation, registered under social welfare act 1961, working since 1991, for the welfare of mankind, in order to fulfill the basic health needs of the area in a very civilized & organised manners for the people of Airfwala & nearby towns. The organisation is contributing towards the development of beloved land by means of providing basic health services & health related awareness. The organisation is facilitating the population of 100–150 km area & aims to flourish throughout the country. Quality control management ensures International Standards.

AHC running projects:

  • Haemodialysis unit
  • Old age Home
  • Cardiology (Heart) ward
  • Eye ward
  • Facilitated Laboratory
  • Outdoor
  • Ambulance Service
  • Gynecology ward
  • Facilitated Operation Theatre

Ahmad Health Complex is the only hospital in the Town which is facilitated enough to attend the patients of haemodialysis from the day first, seven haemodialysis units are working effectively and facilitating the population of Arifwala, Qaboola, Burawala, Bahawalnagar, Kameer market and a number of villages for a decade.

Educational Institutions[edit]

Educational Institutions in Arifwala are doing satisfactory job although the no. of quality institutes aren't high in number. "Government Degree College for Boys Arifwala" "Usman Educational Complex Ahmad Yar Arifwala" and "Government Degree College for Women Arifwala" are the biggest institute in Tehsil Arifwala.


Arifwala houses several public and private schools of quality. Few of them are following:

  • Allied School
  • New Beaconhouse Public High School Arifwala
  • Govt High school, Arifwala
  • Govt MC High School Arifwala
  • Misali zikria Higher scendory school, Arifwala

Colleges & Universities[edit]

Arifwala houses few colleges. Some of them are as following:

  • Govt. Degree College for Boys Arifwala
  • Govt. Degree College for Women Arifwala
  • Virtual University Arifwala Campus
  • Comsats University Arifwala Campus
  • South Asian University Arifwala Campus
  • National College Arifwala
  • Superior Group of Colleges Arifwala
  • Suffa Educational Complex Arifwala
  • Punjab Group of Colleges Arifwala
  • ROYAL Education & Law College Arifwala


The tehsil of Arifwala is administratively subdivided into 30 Union Councils, these are:[3]