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Arin may refer to:

  • Arin, Armenia, a town in Armenia
  • Arin language, an extinct Yeniseic language
  • Arin River, a tributary of the Someşul Mare River in Romania
  • Arin, a name in Hebrew which means "Mountain of Strength".
  • Ujjain, an Indian city used as the center of ancient and medieval world maps, which was corrupted in Latin as Arin
  • American Registry for Internet Numbers, The American Registry for Internet Numbers (Arin) is the Regional Internet Registry for Canada, the United States, and many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands.
  • Arin Gilliland (born 1992), American soccer player
  • Arin Hanson (born 1987), American internet personality, voice actor, songwriter, rapper, animator, and cartoonist
  • Arın Soğancıoğlu (born 1987), Turkish basketball player
  • Suha Arin (1942-2004), Turkish film director, writer, producer and educator
  • Arin, a South Korean singer whose Oh My Girl member's real name is Choi Ye-won.

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