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Arin Hanson
Arin Hanson Dance Showdown.jpg
Hanson on Dance Showdown in 2014
Personal information
BornArin Joseph Hanson
(1987-01-06) January 6, 1987 (age 32)
ResidenceGlendale, California
Suzanne Berhow (m. 2013)
YouTube information
Also known asEgoraptor, The Video Game Boy (The One Who Wins)
Years active2006–present
Subscribers2.8 million
Total views482.5 mllion
Associated acts
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers 2014
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers 2018
Updated November 10, 2018

Arin Joseph Hanson (born January 6, 1987),[2] also known by his Internet pseudonym Egoraptor, is an American Internet personality, animator, cartoonist, comedian, voice actor, rapper, and songwriter. He is known for his Internet animations, as well as being the co-founder and co-star of the popular YouTube Let's Play webseries Game Grumps and the video game-based parody musical trio Starbomb.[3]

Hanson has created numerous animated web series on his Egoraptor YouTube channel, including The Awesome Series, in which he parodies various video game franchises, including Pokémon, Metal Gear, and Ninja Gaiden, as well as Sequelitis, a series of animated video essays in which he critically and humorously compares the quality of a video game and one of its sequels.[4] He has also voice-acted for various shows and video games. He regularly collaborates with Ninja Sex Party, a musical comedy duo consisting of his Game Grumps and Starbomb partners Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht, providing guest vocals and appearing in their music videos.


Hanson at Anime Expo 2011


Hanson joined Newgrounds under the name "Egoraptor" on September 16, 2001. He released his first animation on DeviantArt, titled "Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof", on September 18, 2004.[1] He submitted his first Awesome animation, "Metal Gear Awesome," to Newgrounds on February 23, 2006.[5] Hanson went on to upload other comedic video game-related animations, as well as four separate animated webseries (which he then uploaded to YouTube); Awesome, short animated videos that parody video games, Lemon 'n Bill, a comedic series in which an anthropomorphic bullet and lemon get trapped within video game worlds, Girlchan in Paradise, a parody of shōnen anime, and Sequelitis, a series in which Hanson compares a video game and its sequel along with animations throughout the video.[6]

After MTV saw "Metal Gear Awesome", Hanson was approached by the channel to produce animated shorts for MTV's online video gaming show, The G-Hole.[7]

Voice acting[edit]

In 2006, Hanson got his very first role in voice acting as the the voice of Bruce Banner in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, a role he won as part of a voice acting competition held by Activision. At the time, Hanson was still living in Florida, and so Activision flew him out to Los Angeles in order for him to record his lines in-studio.

However, after doing his voice work, Hanson's voice went ultimately unused, and the character was played by Robin Atkin Downes instead for unknown reasons. Interestingly, his voice was still used in the Wii port.[8] Hanson's voice would later go on to be used in the 2016 re-release of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, in place of Robin Atkin Downes.[9]

In 2009, Hanson provided the voice for the character John Gore in the video game Minigore,[10] and later reprised the role in the 2011 remake of Death Rally.[11]

In 2012, Hanson provided his voice for the game Detective Grimoire, a Kickstarter project which was successfully funded on August 3, 2012.[12] Hanson has also voiced various characters for Hex Heroes, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Target Acquired, Red vs. Blue, Cyanide & Happiness, and Rick & Morty.[13][14][15][16]

Since 2016, Hanson is a regular on Cartoon Network's Mighty Magiswords providing the voice of Gateaux, the monosyllabic partner of sorceress Moribidia, played by Mary Faber.[16][17][18] He also plays other recurring characters such as Fibby Croax, Delivery Man Steve, Zonq, as well as many other various additional characters.[19] According to series creator, Kyle Carrozza, Hanson was originally approached for character design on the show, but he declined.[20] Although aware of his voice work, Carrozza was not aware of Hanson's SAG-AFTRA membership until he informed him, which led to him being cast on the show.

In 2016, Hanson was added as an Announcer in Move or Die.[21]

Game Grumps[edit]

In July 2012, Hanson and his colleague Jon Jafari (known for his comedy webseries JonTron) created a joint YouTube channel, called Game Grumps. In late June 2013, Dan Avidan, of the band Ninja Sex Party, replaced Jafari when he retired Game Grumps to focus on his personal channel.[22] On Game Grumps, Hanson and Avidan play video games and talk, to an often comedic effect.[23] Hanson has also appeared on the channel's spin-off shows Steam Train and GrumpCade, along with other Game Grumps members in a similar format to the parent show; he and Avidan also front 10 Minute Power Hour, in which they engage in and frequently struggle with various activities.

The popularity of Game Grumps led to live performances at the Hollywood Improv in late March 2016.[24] Completely sold out, the event led to future performances in New York and other locations on the East Coast, which itself led to further shows across the United States and internationally through their own touring company.[25][26]


In 2008, Hanson worked together with Ross O'Donovan on the animated webseries Gamer Tonight where he provided the voice of the host, which was broadcast on the Australian television show Good Game.[27] He also voiced a character in asdfmovie4 in 2011, a series by TomSka. TomSka would later express mild disappointment with Hanson's contribution, particularly due to his own direction.[28]

In February 2012, Hanson appeared as a contestant on the Sony game show, The Tester, during its third season, as a community-voted contestant, but was accused of using the show to promote himself.[29] He later admitted that he applied in order to spite a former bully, while on the show itself he behaved in a way he described as actively trolling it, until he was reprimanded on camera.[1] When asked about his experience, and whether or not he would do it again, he replied negatively.[30] Hanson won the third season of the dance competition web series Dance Showdown, alongside professional dancer, Maxine Hupy.[31][32] Hanson has also done narration work for several episodes of Did You Know Gaming?[33] Besides providing additional work for online series on YouTube and Newgrounds, Hanson has been featured in several videos for the website ScrewAttack, including a collaboration with James Rolfe and Keith Apicary.[34]


In 2013, Hanson provided vocals for the track "Knight in Shining Armour" by Dougal & Gammer released as part of the compilation Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 9.[35]

In 2013, Hanson, along with Game Grumps co-host and Ninja Sex Party singer-songwriter Dan Avidan and instrumentalist Brian Wecht, formed the band Starbomb.[36] They released their first album, named Starbomb in December 2013, which went on to become No. 1 on the Billboard Comedy Charts.[37] Starbomb went on to release their second album one year later December 2014, titled Player Select.[38] In early 2016, Hanson performed with Starbomb at their first live event at SXSW.[39] Starbomb is set to release their third album in April 2019.[40]

On April 15, 2014, Fat Refund, a rap song, was released on the channel StamperTV, a collaboration between several animators and voice actors including Rice Pirate, Marc M., Stamper, and Hanson himself.[41]

Hanson also provided spoken vocals for several songs by Tupper Ware Remix Party.

Starbomb's third album, The TryForce, is planned for a March 19, 2019 release.[42][43]

Other work[edit]

In 2013, Hanson made an appearance on the webseries Hot Pepper Gaming. He reviewed Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate after eating a habanero pepper.[44] In 2014, he returned to the show, reviewing the game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes whilst eating a Bhut Jolokia.[45] In 2015, Hanson later appeared on the show, reviewing the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain whilst eating Sichuan peppers.

Hanson also starred alongside Avidan in Good Game, a YouTube Premium Original Series. In addition to acting in the series, Hanson also served as an executive producer.

In January 2018, Hanson and Game Grumps manager Brent Lilley co-founded tour management company Real Good Touring, which organizes tours for internet personalities and independent performers.[46]

Personal life[edit]

Hanson moved from his parent's house in West Palm Beach, Florida to California in July 2009. Hanson lives in Glendale, California, with his wife, Suzanne "Suzy" Berhow. The two met at a convention and started dating in 2002; Hanson proposed to her in 2011, and they married in 2013 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.[1] Berhow also has her own gaming channel under the pseudonym Mortem3r, titled KittyKatGaming, on which Hanson is often featured.[1] Hanson's mother is Maurette Hanson.[47] Maurette founded Healing Horse Therapy Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Hanson has marathoned charity streams in the past to help support Healing Horse Therapy Center. Hanson's father is Lloyd "Paparaptor" Hanson.[48] Hanson also has an older brother, Nathan Hanson, who served in the Air Force and was deployed in Iraq.



Year Title Role Notes Source
2008 Gamer Tonight Himself
2015 Rick and Morty Cyborg Photographer (voice) Episode: "The Wedding Squanchers"
2016–present Mighty Magiswords Gateaux/various others (voice) [16]

Web series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2011 asdfmovie Mugger / Kid Getting Mugged (voice) Episode: "asdfmovie4"[28]
2011, 2015 JonTron Vitalia / Darth Vader / Himself 2 episodes
2012 The Tester Himself Contestant; 3 episodes[29]
2012–present Game Grumps Himself (voice) Co-host; also creator and theme music composer
2012–2016 Did You Know Gaming? Himself (voice) 11 episodes
2013–2015 Cyanide & Happiness Shorts Ted Bear / The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere (voice) 3 episodes[1]
2013–2014 Dance Showdown Himself Contestant and eventual winner[1]
2015–present KittyKatGaming Himself (voice) Occasional guest
Also performs the show's opening sequence
2015 Red vs. Blue Crash Site Fed / Cobb 3 episodes
2015 A Brief History Himself (voice) Episode: "The History Of Castlevania"[49]
2016 Bee and PuppyCat Omelette / Elder Squat Bird (voice) 4 episodes
2017 Good Game Ryland Smith Main role; 6 episodes
Also executive producer
2017-2018 SuperMegaCast Himself 3 episodes
2018 YouTubers React Himself 3 episodes

Video games[edit]

Year Title Role Notes Source
2009 Minigore John Gore [10]
2011 Death Rally John Gore [11]
2014 Detective Grimoire Agent Folder / Mr. Harper
2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition Additional voices [1]
2016 Target Acquired Spike Tommery
2016 Move or Die Announcer [1]
2016 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance1 Bruce Banner [1]
2016 Accounting The Bomb [50]
2017 Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Joseph Also executive producer [51]
2018 Monster Prom Scott Howl [52]
TBA The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game Ted Bear In development [53]
TBA Hex Heroes Himself In development [54]
TBA Never Give Up Announcer In development [55]

1Hanson's dialogue was recorded for the original 2006 release. Although he was replaced by Robin Atkin Downes in the final game, his dialogue was used for the 2016 re-release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



As a guest[edit]

  • Ninja Sex Party – "Dinosaur Laser Fight" (2011)
  • Dougal & Gammer – "Knight in Shining Armour" (2013)
  • Geezy – "Hashtag" (2013)
  • StamperTV – "FAT REFUND" (2014)[41]
  • Ninja Sex Party – "Party of Three" (2015)
  • Ninja Sex Party – "Buttsex Goldilocks" (2015)
  • Ninja Sex Party – "6969" (2015)
  • Big Bad Bosses – "Intro" (2015)
  • Tupper Ware Remix Party – "Groove Crusaders" (2016)
  • Tupper Ware Remix Party – "Atomic Karate" (2017)
  • Ninja Sex Party – "Eating Food in the Shower" (2017)
  • Tupper Ware Remix Party – "Phantom Racer" (2018)
  • Ninja Sex Party – "Release the Kraken" (2018)
  • Ninja Sex Party – "Ninja Brian Goes to Soccer Practice" (2018)



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