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Arin Mirkan was a commander in the YPJ who sacrificed herself during fighting with ISIS in Kobanî on October 5, 2014[1] She fought together on Mishtanour Hill with Rojda Felat, who later became the general commander of the YPJ.[2] On Mishtanour Hill, Mirkan broke into an ISIS stronghold and set off a grenade underneath a tank, killing herself along with numerous ISIS fighters.[2] The incident marked the first known case of a Kurdish fighter carrying out a suicide attack.[3]

Arin Mirkan – a nom de guerre, her real name was Deilar Genj Khamis[4] – was 20 (or 22[5]) and a mother of two.[6] Haj Mansour, the Kurdish defence official in Kobane, reported that Kurdish fighters had been forced to withdraw from a strategic hill south of Kobane. Mirkan stayed behind, attacking ISIS militants as they surrounded her. She eventually detonated explosives attached to her body, killing 10 enemy fighters.[4]

Rami Abdurrahman, founder and director of the Syria Observatory for Human Rights, told the Independent newspaper that he “cannot confirm the exact number” of ISIS militants killed by Mirkan's attack, but 27 ISIS fighters were understood to have died in Sunday’s clashes.[7]


In Kobanî a statue remembering Arin Mirkan was erected.[8] Andrew Webb-Mitchell composed a violin concerto named Arin Mirkan[9]


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