Arinos River

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Arinos River
Country Brazil
State Mato Grosso
Mouth Juruena River
 - coordinates 10°24′49″S 58°19′50″W / 10.41361°S 58.33056°W / -10.41361; -58.33056Coordinates: 10°24′49″S 58°19′50″W / 10.41361°S 58.33056°W / -10.41361; -58.33056
Length 680 km (423 mi) [1]
The Arinos (highlighted in turquoise) empties into the Juruena (pink)

The Arinos River is a river in Brazil. It is located east of, and empties into, the Juruena River.[2] Some of the Suyá Indians, a Gê-speaking people of central Brazil, migrated from the state of Maranhão to this river.[3]



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