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Ariola Japan
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Founded 2009
Genre Rock, Pop, R&B
Country of origin Japan
Official website Official website

Ariola Japan Inc. (株式会社アリオラジャパン, Kabushiki Kaisha Ariora Japan), is a Japanese record label precedently part of BMG Japan and now subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan.


  • 2008 - Ariola Japan becomes a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.[1]
  • 2009 - Ariola Japan becomes a full-on record label separate from BMG Japan.[2]


It is considered as the official Japanese Branch of Ariola Records, a label of BMG. Now it is a part of RCA/Jive Label Group Japan.[2]


It is home to both former BMG Japan artists and new artists, including:



  • Toshiki Kadomatsu

Little Tokyo[edit]

Augusta Records[edit]

Joint venture with Office Augusta

Rhythmedia Tribe[edit]

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