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AC Aris Thessaloniki
Aris Thessalonikis.png
Full name Athletic Club Aris Thessaloniki
Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Άρης Θεσσαλονίκης
Nicknames God of War
Founded 25 March 1914 as Football Club of Thessaloniki
Colours           Yellow, Black
Anthem Aris Niketes (Ares Victorious)
Chairman Giannis Psifidis
Titles European Titles: 3 (Basketball)
Website Club home page
Active departments of
Aris Thessaloniki
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Football (Men's) Football (Women's) Basketball (Men's)
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Basketball (Women's) Wheelchair basketball Volleyball (Men's)
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Volleyball (Women's) Handball (Men's) Handball (Women's)
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Water Polo Swimming Athletics
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Ice hockey Baseball Softball
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Cycling Chess Korfball
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Boxing Judo Wrestling
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Fencing Weightlifting
Nikiphoros, Kostas and Kleanthis Vikelidis (1930)
Old poster with the champion team of Aris Thessaloniki (1931–32 season)
Alexandreio Melathron (Nick Galis Hall)
Nikos Galis, the legendary player of Aris B.C.. FIBA Hall of Fame inaugural inductee and widely regarded as one of the all-time greatest players in both European and FIBA International basketball history.

Athlitikos Syllogos Aris (Greek: Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Άρης, Athletic Club Aris or Athletic Club Aris Thessaloniki in other documents) officially A.C. Aris Thessaloniki,[1] is a major Greek multi-sport club founded on 25 March 1914 in Thessaloniki. The club's colours are yellow of glory and black. The club is named after Ares, the ancient Greek God of War, but also associated with courage and masculinity, inspired by the successful military operations of the Kingdom of Greece during the Balkan Wars, and the liberation of Thessaloniki in 1912 from the Ottoman empire. Its image (as depicted in the Ludovisi Ares) is portrayed on the club's emblem.

Nicknamed God of War, Aris was one of the strongest Greek clubs during the Interwar period with champion teams in football, basketball and water polo. Until nowadays maintains a remarkable tradition in baskeball, while contributed to the popularity of the sport in the country with the great star player Nikos Galis and the team of the '80s.


Aris is considered to be one of the most important Greek sport clubs and today maintains departments in many sports, including:




Main article: Aris B.C.


Main article: Aris Volleyball Club


Main article: Aris Water Polo Club


  • 2 Greek championships, Women: 1994, 1995

Ice Hockey[edit]


  • 1 Greek Championship:2007
  • 1 Greek Cup: 2007
  • 1 'Beach Korfball Championship: 2008

Ball Hockey[edit]

  • 1 Greek Championship: 2009

Roller Hockey[edit]

  • 1 Greek Championship:2009
  • 3 Greek Cups: 2007, 2008, 2009
  • 1 Balkan Cup: 2009


  • 1 Greek Championship, Women: 1994


  • 1 Greek Championship, Men: 1972


  • 1 Greek Indoor Championship, Women: 1991
  • 1 Greek Cup, Women: 1988
  • 2 Greek Cross Country Championship, Women: 1961, 1962


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The hymn of Aris or Aris Niketes (Ares Victorious) is the anthem of the club. It was written in 1926. The lyrics were written by Georgios Kitsos and the music by Secondo Poselli. The orchestration was made by the famous classic composer Emilios Riadis.

European honours of team sports[edit]

Wrestling Ares, emblem of the club
Season Football Basketball Volleyball
1979–80 UEFA Cup
Round of 16
1980–81 FIBA Korać Cup
1984–85 FIBA Korać Cup
1987–88 Euroleague
4th place
1988–89 Euroleague
3rd place
1989–90 Euroleague
4th place
1990–91 Euroleague
1992–93 FIBA Saporta Cup
1993–94 FIBA Saporta Cup
1994–95 CEV Cup
1996–97 FIBA Korać Cup
1997–98 FIBA Korać Cup
1998–99 FIBA Saporta Cup
2002–03 FIBA EuroCup Challenge
2003–04 EuroChallenge
2005–06 Eurocup
2009–10 Eurocup

Notable supporters[edit]

AC Αris Thessaloniki Presidents[edit]

Name Years
1914-16 Minos Kydonakis
1916-23 Dimitris Ioannidis
1923-28 Lefteris Iliadis
1928-30 Giannis Angelou
1930-31 Lefteris Iliadis
1931-34 Petros Louvaris
1934-35 Nikos Kasapis
1935-36 Lefteris Iliadis
1936-37 Giorgos Paraskevaidis
1937-38 Panagiotis Kosmatopoulos
1938-41 Manthos Matthaiou
1945-46 Giannis Angelou
1946-47 Stelios Kazantzis
1947-52 Giannis Angelou
1952-53 Grigoris Chatziantoniou
1953-54 Elias Oplopoios
1954-55 Giannis Angelou
1955-57 Stergios Jiuvanakis
1957-58 Giannis Angelou
1958-59 Grigoris Chatziantoniou
1959-60 Giannis Cholevas
1960-62 Nikiphoros Vikelidis
1962-63 Stergios Jiuvanakis
1963-64 Giannis Cholevas
1964-67 Giorgos Grigoriadis
1967-69 Kostas Vikelidis
1969-72 Nikos Kampanis
1972-73 Menelaos Chatzigeorgiou
1973-74 Nikos Kampanis
1974-75 Giorgos Grigoriadis
1975-76 Nikos Kampanis
Name Years
1977-79 Apostolos Georgiadis
1979-81 Dimitris Souliadis
1981-83 Evangelos Mellisaris
1983-90 Akis Michailidis
1990-92 Akis Michailidis, Panagiotis Spyrou
1992-93 Lefteris Chatzopoulos
1993-95 Athanasios Papavasileiou
1995-96 Athanasios Adamopoulos
1996-98 Lefteris Chatzopoulos
1998-00 Giannis Chortis
2000-01 Theodoros Athanasiadis
2001-03 Michalis Zorpidis
2003-06 Nikitas Matthaiou
2006-14 Nikos Papadopoulos
2014 Charis Papageorgiou
2014-15 Tasos Economou
2015- Giannis Psifidis




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