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Lestat Arisen Cover Art.jpg
Original cover art. Released = 2012
Studio album by Lestat
Recorded 2012
Genre Darkwave, Gothic
Length 48:40
Label Nilaihah Records
Producer Lestat

Arisen is a 2012 album by the band Lestat. This release marks the return of the band after a 10+ year hiatus and an all-new lineup. Jess does not appear on Arisen, but new bass player War, and drummer Scott do. Arisen is available through Nilaihah Records in both physical and digital download formats.[1] Arisen features a remake by industrial band Click Click, Awake and Watching, and a remix of Midnight Toll by Adrian Smith of the same band. Lestat also decided to pay homage to their beginnings by re-re-releasing Red Light by Siouxsie and the Banshees with their new line-up. The little girl vocalist for Little Girl Lost is Susan's daughter, Sarah.

Track listing[edit]

2."Awake and Watching"4:53
3."Midnight Toll"4:32
5."Room 13"3:13
6."Long Since Forgotten"5:24
7."Red Light (Revisited)"4:02
8."Little Girl Lost"4:36
9."Sent from Hell"3:04
10."Nothing Left"4:16
11."Midnight Toll (Spinal Mix)"5:29


  • Razz (Evan Nave) - Vocals, Drum Programming and Keys
  • Susan - Guitar and Backing Vocals
  • Timothy - Keys and Backing Vocals
  • War - Bass
  • Scott - Drums