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The Aristeion Prize was a European literary annual prize. It was given to authors for significant contributions to contemporary European literature, and to translators for exceptional translations of contemporary European literary works.

The prize was established by the European Council in May 1989 as a way to promote of books and reading. Each year a jury composed of members selected by European Union countries decided on the winners. Works eligible for prizes had to be published in the three years preceding the date for the submission of entries.

It was awarded in a different Capital of Culture each year. It was first awarded in Glasgow in 1990 and was awarded every year until 1999 in Weimar. It was then discontinued and replaced by the EU's Culture 2000 programme, itself succeeded by the European Union Prize for Literature.


European Literary Prize[edit]

Year City Literary Winner Work
1990 Glasgow Jean Echenoz (France) Lac
1991 Dublin Mario Luzi (Italy) Frasi e Incisi di un Canto Salutare
1992 Madrid Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (Spain) Galíndez
1993 Antwerp Cees Nooteboom (Netherlands) The Following Story
1994 Lisbon Juan Marsé (Spain) El embrujo de Shanghai
1995 Luxembourg City Herta Müller (Germany) Herztier
1996 Copenhagen Salman Rushdie (United Kingdom)
Christoph Ransmayr (Austria)
The Moor's Last Sigh
The Dog King
1997 Thessaloniki Antonio Tabucchi (Italy) Sostiene Pereira
1998 Stockholm Hugo Claus (Belgium) De Geruchten
1999 Weimar José Hierro (Spain) Cuaderno de Nueva York

European Translation Prize[edit]

Year City Translation Winner Work
1990 Glasgow Michael Hamburger (United Kingdom) Paul Celan: Poems of Paul Celan
1991 Dublin Frans van Woerden (Netherlands) Louis-Ferdinand Céline: De Brug van Londen - Guignol's Band II
1992 Madrid Sokrates Kapsaskis (Greece) James Joyce: Ulysses
1993 Antwerp Françoise Wuilmart (Belgium) Ernst Bloch: Das Prinzip Hoffnung
1994 Lisbon Giovanni Raboni (Italy) Marcel Proust: À la recherche du temps perdu
1995 Luxembourg Dieter Hornig (Austria) Henri Michaux: Un barbare en Asie
1996 Copenhagen Thorkild Bjørnvig (Denmark) Rainer Maria Rilke: Udsat på hjertets bjerge (Selected Poems)
1997 Thessaloniki Hans-Christian Oeser (Germany / Ireland*) Patrick McCabe: The Butcher Boy
1998 Stockholm Miguel Sáenz (Spain) Günter Grass: Ein weites feld
1999 Weimar Claus Bech (Denmark) Flann O'Brien: The Third Policeman

* Oeser was a German translator nominated by Ireland.

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