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Industry Lingerie
Founded 1924
Headquarters Belper, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Products Hosiery

Aristoc, located in Belper in Derbyshire, is a British marketer and manufacturer of hosiery, founded in 1924. The company makes most of its products in the Amber Valley in Derbyshire.[1]


Aristoc is a British hosiery brand that is over 80 years old. The company was originally known as A. E. Allen, but was renamed to Aristoc in 1934.[2] Aristoc originally marketed itself as the "aristocrat of silk stockings".[3] They are famous for their production of tights, knee-highs, stockings, shapewears, and body shapers. Aristoc is a brand under the company Pretty Polly.[4] They are known to be reasonably priced so most can afford them. Aristoc is most commonly known for their bodyshapers.[5] Aristoc is recorded to be one of the longest established hoisery brands in the United Kingdom.[3] As of 2013, Aristoc has stated that 90% of its manufacturing is currently based in Britain, at its Derbyshire facility, as part of its campaign to support traditional British manufacturing.[6]

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