Arizona's 4th legislative district

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Arizona's 4th Legislative District
Arizona Legislative Districts Map 2012.D4.jpg
SenatorLisa Otondo (D)
House membersCharlene Fernandez (D)
Geraldine Peten (D)
Registered voters91,864

Arizona's 4th Legislative District is one of 30 in the state, covering parts of Pima, Maricopa, Pinal, and Yuma counties. As of 2018 there are 59 precincts in the district, 23 in Yuma, 18 in Maricopa, 17 in Pima, and 1 in Pinal, with a total registered voter population of 91,864.[1]

Political representation[edit]

The district is represented for the 2018–2019 Legislative Session in the State Senate by Lisa Otondo (D, Yuma) and in the House of Representatives by Charlene Fernandez (D, Yuma) and Geraldine Peten (D, Goodyear).[2][3]


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