Arizona's at-large congressional district

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Arizona became a state in 1912, and from then until 1943 its single member of the United States House of Representatives was elected At-large, or statewide. The 1940 Census gave Arizona a second member of the House, but both members continued to be elected statewide (on a general ticket) until 1949.

List of representatives[edit]

Seat A Years Seat B Years
Representative Party Electoral history Representative Party Electoral history
Carl Hayden.jpg Carl Hayden Democratic Retired to run for the U.S. Senate February 19, 1912 – March 4, 1927 Second seat added in 1943
Lewis Williams Douglas.jpg Lewis W. Douglas Democratic Resigned to become Director of the Budget March 4, 1927 – March 4, 1933
Vacant March 4, 1933 – October 3, 1933
Isabella Selmes Ferguson Greenway.jpg Isabella Greenway Democratic Retired October 3, 1933 – January 3, 1937
John Murdock.jpg John R. Murdock Democratic Redistricted to 1st district January 3, 1937 – January 3, 1949
Richard Harless.jpg Richard F. Harless Democratic Retired to run for Governor of Arizona January 3, 1943 – January 3, 1949