Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

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Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders
Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders performing at Joint Base Balad, Iraq in 2010
Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders performing at Joint Base Balad, Iraq in 2010
General Information
Team Arizona Cardinals
Established 1988
Members 29
1988–1994 Phoenix Cardinals Cheerleaders
1994–present Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders
Official Website

The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders is the official cheerleading group of the Arizona Cardinals. The group performs at University of Phoenix Stadium, the home stadium of the Cardinals.

The squad was founded in the summer of 1988 under the name Phoenix Cardinals Cheerleaders. This was the first time in the Cardinals history that the cheerleading side of football was incorporated within the Cardinals organization. Before the summer of 1988, the Cardinals Cheerleaders were owned and run by a business outside the franchise.[1]

In March 1994, the Cardinals organization announced its name change to the Arizona Cardinals,[2] thus the cheerleaders changed their name to the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders, which is the name they still use today.

As of 2011, the group has 29 members.[3] The group also makes appearances at parties and charity events by sending two members.[4] A small group of the squad also makes appearances around the world as the "Cardinals Show Team", which performs various songs like the Beach Boys.[5] The squad also has a "Junior Cheer Program", for young women aged 8–17, and they also head to various events as the "Arizona Cardinals Junior All-Stars".[6][7]

Notable members[edit]


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