Arizona Derby Dames

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Arizona Derby Dames
League logo
Metro area Phoenix, Arizona
Country United States
Founded 2005
Teams Bombshells
Brutal Beauties
Coffin Draggers
Schoolyard Scrappers
Runaway Brides
Track type(s) Banked Track
Venue Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Affiliations RDCL

Arizona Derby Dames (AZDD) is an all-women's amateur roller derby league based in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. It is one of many such leagues across the United States. The league currently plays the banked-track style of roller derby.

AZDD was founded by four skaters, Suzy Homewrecker (XXX), Joan Threat (50), All The Way Mae (213) and Prima Donna (32). These skaters had an ambition that AZDD will become Arizona's first banked track roller derby league. Suzy Homewrecker originally skated for TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls, one of the first leagues that was established of the current resurgence of roller derby and was the league featured on an A&E reality show. These founding skaters were originally members of Arizona Roller Derby.

AZDD normally holds one doubleheader bout per month. Between 2006 and 2008, these bouts were held at the Castle Sports Club in Phoenix. This venue is also used for roller hockey and is the home of the Arizona Excalibur Women's Hockey league.[1] In late 2008, the league announced that the 2009 season will be held in the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. (need ref) The Castle Sports Club is still the venue for Arizona Roller Derby and Desert Dolls Roller Derby.

On March 20, 2010, AZDD played their first doubleheader at the Veteran's Memorial Coliseum using a newly designed banked track. The last known banked track events in Arizona were in the 1960s with the Arizona Raiders of the National Skating Derby.[2] The crowd, estimated to be over 4,000 is a record crowd for the league and a record crowd for "resurgence-era" roller derby in Arizona.[3]

Arizona was a founding member of the Roller Derby Coalition of Leagues, in January 2012.[4]


AZDD's banked track for the 2010 season.

The Arizona Derby Dames has five home teams:

  • The Bombshells are themed after the pin-up girls of the 1940s. Their uniforms are red and are styled from the World War II era. (Team captain: Deadlee Limbz)
  • The Brutal Beauties are the beauty queen rejects of the league, apparently inspired by Tonya Harding, the team sports pink and has the motto "pink por vida" (pink for life). (Team captain: Kimber Slice)
  • The Coffin Draggers wear neon green and black colors on their uniforms. Some team members will wear face make-up. They are dubbed "the prettiest girls in the morgue". (Team captain: Lelu Dallas MultiBASH)
  • The Schoolyard Scrappers are the league's 2007 expansion team. Wearing blue plaid skirts and black shirts, these "good girls gone bad" reminiscent of the private school bully. (Team captain: Nikki Badazz)
  • The Runaway Brides was the league's 2008 expansion team. This team was inspired by the story of Jennifer Wilbanks. Wearing white and maroon colors, many of the team member's uniforms feature lace and ruffles like wedding dresses. (Team captain: Ellie Mayhem)

"Fresh Meat"[edit]

AZDD recruits members through tryouts that are held periodically. Those new recruits who pass the tryouts start attending practices and will eventually need to pass a skills test before being placed on a team. While waiting for placement on a team, the "fresh meat" skaters will perform other tasks at the bout such as the sales of raffle tickets. Fresh Meat is a common term used in roller derby to define a skater that is still in training.[5]

Quick facts[edit]

Founded: 2005
League motto: "Live Fast Die Pretty"
League promo-line: "Live, Fast, Rollergirls"
Venue: Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix AZ.


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