Arizona State Prison Complex – Lewis

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Coordinates: 33°12′34″N 112°39′11″W / 33.2094°N 112.653°W / 33.2094; -112.653

Arizona State Prison Complex – Lewis
LocationBuckeye, Arizona
Security classmixed
Managed byArizona Department of Corrections

Arizona State Prison Complex – Lewis is one of 13 prison facilities operated by the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC). ASPC-Lewis is located in Buckeye, Maricopa County, Arizona, 43 miles west from the state capital of Phoenix, Arizona.


Each housing unit at ASPC-Lewis is named after an ADC correctional officer who was killed in the line of duty. In remembrance their names are:

Sandra Bachman
Theodore Buckley
Robert Barchey
Dale Morey
Paul Rast
Jim Stiner

ASPC-Lewis has an inmate capacity of over 5,000 in 7 units, at level 2, 3, 4, and a MAX custody security level. The ADC uses a score classification system to assess inmate's appropriate custody and security level placement. The scores range from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest risk or need. ASPC-Lewis is a modern, medium security prison built by both commercial and convict labor.

ASPC Unit Custody Level
Stiner 3
Barchey 2 and 3 mixed
Morey Unit 4
Bachman 2, 2/3 mixed and 5
Buckley 4
Rast 4 and 5
Eagle Point / Sunrise 2


In early 2004, the Morey Unit of the Lewis complex was the site of the longest standoff between inmates and law enforcement officers in United States history. It was a 15-day ordeal, beginning January 18 and ending February 2.[1] Two officers were taken hostage, one male and one female, by two inmates, Ricky Wassenaar and Steven Coy. In addition, they sexually assaulted the female officer and a kitchen officer. The inmates were originally trying to escape, but their plan went awry, and the escape event turned into a hostage situation. Due to the efforts of the Department of Corrections director Dora Schriro, the situation ended peacefully.[2] Wassenaar was later convicted of 19 charges relating to the siege and was given 16 life sentences.[3][4]

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