Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Superintendent of Public Instruction of Arizona
Kathy Hoffman

since January 7, 2019
ResidencePhoenix, Arizona
Term lengthFour years, can serve two terms
WebsiteState Website

The Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction is an elected state executive position in the Arizona state government. The superintendent oversees the state of Arizona's public school system and directs the state's Department of Education.

The current superintendent is Kathy Hoffman.[1]

The Superintendent of Public Instruction is fourth (behind the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Treasurer, respectively) in the line of succession to the office of Governor of Arizona.[2]

The Superintendent of Public Education is an ex officio member of the Arizona Board of Regents which oversees public universities in the state.[3]

Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction is the lowest paid state education administrator in the United States, being paid $85,000 compared to the national average of $174,000.[4]


# Name Political Party Term of Office
1 Charles O. Case Democrat 1912–1921
2 Elsie Toles Republican 1921–1923
3 Charles O. Case Democrat 1933–1941
4 Herman E. Hendrix Democrat 1933–1941
5 E. D. Ring Democrat 1941–1947
6 N. D. Pulliam Democrat 1947–1947
7 L. D. Klemraedson Democrat 1947–1949
8 M. L. Brooks Democrat 1949–1955
9 C. L. "Cliff" Harkins Democrat 1955–1957
10 M. L. Brooks Democrat 1957–1959
11 C. L. "Cliff" Harkins Democrat 1955–1959[5]
12 W. W. "Skipper" Dick Democrat 1959–1967
13 Sarah Folsum Republican 1967–1971
14 Weldon P. Shofstall Republican 1971–1975
15 Carolyn Warner Democrat 1975–1987
16 C. Diane Bishop Democrat 1987–1995
17 Lisa Graham Keegan Republican 1995–2001
18 Jaime Molera Republican 2001–2003
19 Tom Horne Republican 2003–2011
20 John Huppenthal Republican 2011–2015
21 Diane Douglas Republican 2015–2019
22 Kathy Hoffman Democrat 2019–present


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