Arizona Sur

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Arizona sur
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Daniel Pensa
Miguel Angel Rocca
Produced by Daniel Pensa
Miguel Angel Rocca
Written by Alan Pauls
Starring Nazareno Casero
Daniel Freire
Alejandro Awada
Cinematography Andrés Mazzon
Edited by Ariel Direse
Release date
  • January 18, 2007 (2007-01-18)
Running time
110 min.
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Arizona Sur (English language: South Arizona) is a 2007 Argentine comedy film directed and produced by Daniel Pensa and Miguel Angel Rocca and written by Alan Pauls. The film stars Nazareno Casero, Daniel Freire and Alejandro Awada and premiered on 18 January 2007 in Buenos Aires.


A pregnant 70-year-old woman falls into a coma. Her two sons decide to hunt down the man who impregnated her. In this journey the younger of the two brothers makes some observations and has some wild experiences. He discovers that he himself is the son of the absconding father of his would-be sibling. To his astonishment and curiosity he also discovers the gift that this father gives to all his sons: webbed toes. The younger brother, meanwhile, meets an angelic girl and is molested in a betting-house. After that, things get even stranger for the two of them.


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