Arjun Devaa

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Arjun Devaa
DVD Cover
Directed by Imran Khalid
Produced by Gautam Dhariwal
Starring Mithun Chakraborty
Puru Raajkumar
Rutika Singh
Gajendra Chauhan
Hemant Birje
Shakti Kapoor
Shehzad Khan
Brij Gopal
Pinky Chinoy
Jyothi Rana
Music by Gunwant Raj
Ram Shankar
Release date
November 23, 2001
Running time
125 min.
Language Hindi
Budget Rs 3.5 Crores

Arjun Devaa is a 2001 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Imran Khalid for producer, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Puru Raajkumar, Hemant Birje and Shakti Kapoor.[1][2][3]


Arjun Poojari lives in a small village with his mother, father and unmarried sister. The entire village is ruled by Bade Thakur Jagawar Choudhry and the Villagers are grateful for all the work he has done for the village. One day Arjun finds out that Jagawar's younger brother Vikram, had attempted to molest his sister, So he beats Vikram and takes him to Jagawar. In front of everyone, Jagawar slaps him and asks him to seek forgiveness from Arjun and his sister. But the same night, Arjun is summoned to Jagawar's house and in his presence, Arjun's sister is sexually assaulted and raped by all Choudhry brothers, including Yogeshwar, Virendra, and Vishal.

Arjun revolts and turns a dreaded Dacoit and his only mission is to kill all the Choudhry brothers. Now Vishal Choudhry becomes a Police Inspector and is transferred in that Village, but is not able to stop Arjun killing Vikram. As the brothers were in shock, Arjun also kills Vishal. Thus the brothers seek police protection and hires a hit-man named Devaa - a dangerous man who would never fail in his mission. This time he has his guns aimed at Arjun, But Is Devaa capable of stopping Arjun?




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