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Ark may refer to:

Biblical narratives and religion[edit]

Hebrew teva[edit]

  • Noah's Ark, a massive vessel said to have been built to save the world's animals from a flood
  • Ark of bulrushes, the boat of the infant Moses

Hebrew aron[edit]

Businesses and organizations[edit]

Media, arts and entertainment[edit]


Works of fiction[edit]

Fictional story elements[edit]





  • "The Ark", 2008, by Dr. Dog from Fate


  • "Ark", 2019 poem by Simon Armitage to commemorate launch of RRS Sir David Attenborough



Inhabited places[edit]

Other places[edit]


  • Ark (river boat), a temporary boat used in river transport in eastern North America
  • HMS Ark Royal, a prestigious ship name in the British Royal Navy, often the name of the Fleet Flagship, has been given to five ships
  • The Ark (ship), a ship used in founding the Province of Maryland
  • The Ark, a ship used as a Scottish Marine Station, now the basis of the University Marine Biological Station Millport
  • The Ark, an unfinished sculpture in the form of a functional ship created by artist Kea Tawana between 1982 and 1988 in Newark, New Jersey
  • Interstellar ark, a conceptual multi-lifetime space vehicle


Other uses[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Chicken ark, a mobile shelter for domestic chickens
  • Knowledge ark, a collection of knowledge preserved in such a way that future generations would have access to said knowledge if current means of access were lost