Arkanoid: Doh It Again

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Arkanoid: Doh It Again
Japanese cover art
Developer(s)Taito Corporation
Publisher(s)Taito Corporation
Composer(s)Seiji Momoi
Katsuhisa Ishikawa
Platform(s)Super NES
  • JP: January 15, 1997
  • NA: November 3, 1997
Mode(s)Up to 2 players[1]

Arkanoid: Doh It Again (アルカノイド ドー・イット・アゲン) is a 1997 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game released by Taito Corporation. It was released in both NTSC and PAL formats, and received release in Australia, the United States, the UK, and Japan.[2] It was developed as a sequel to the original 1986 arcade release of Arkanoid.


The player controls a ship using either a standard controller or the Super NES Mouse. Rounds are completed when all the color and silver blocks on the screen have been eliminated. Enemies enter from the doors at the top of the play area. Every eleven rounds a boss enemy will have to be fought. Some of the blocks contain power-ups that you must catch with your paddle to use. [3] The game has a total of 99 levels, an edit mode in which users can create their own levels, power-ups, and two-player capabilities.[4]


Arkanoid: Doh It Again picks up five years after the events in Arkanoid, beginning with a flashback of the spacecraft Vaus defeating DOH with its energy ball. Fast-forwarding to the present day (the 9th stardawn), Commander Therle (presumably the ship's captain) writes a log entry stating that their search for a new home goes on and that their goal remains elusive. He also states that he knows that DOH is watching and waiting. Then the main menu appears.

When the player starts the game, the story continues on the 11th stardawn, when the sensors of the starship "Arkanoid" have picked up a stunning new "Terra Class Planet" and has dispatched the "Vaus" to conduct colonization surveys, but only to be warped by DOH, who is surrounding the planet. Gameplay starts from there.

After the player defeats the boss on round 33, the "Vaus" returns to the "Arkanoid", and it is now the 14th stardawn. The planet was apparently a hoax, created by the vengeful mind of DOH, but that their quest would continue, stating that "someday we will find the peace which we seek." The same ending goes for the boss on round 66, along with the game credits.

After round 99, however, time starts flowing backwards, and Vaus finds itself on the surface of the planet, on the 13th stardawn. Commander Therle states that the journey is at an end and that they have found their long sought home, also stating they will not repeat the mistakes of the past and that humanity and environment would co-exist together, just as the "Arkanoid" flies overhead. A TV screen shows, stating that DOH is gone forever and is "banished into oblivion". The Commander then ends his final entry, and the TV clicks off, concluding the story, and credits follow.