Arkanoid Returns

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Arkanoid Returns
Box art of Arkanoid Returns
Developer(s) Atsushi Taniguchi, Yuji Koga and team
Publisher(s) Taito Corporation
Designer(s) Kumi Mizobe
Platform(s) Arcade Game, PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Genre(s) Breakout
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Cabinet Horizontal
Arcade system Taito F3 System hardware
CPU 68EC020
Sound Sound CPU : 68000
Sound Chips : ES5505
Display Raster, 320 x 232 pixels, 8192 colors

Arkanoid Returns is an arcade game released by Taito Corporation in February 1997 as part of the Arkanoid series. It was the fourth overall, and third to be released in arcades. The game was quickly ported to the PlayStation, with an updated home release being released afterwards titled Arkanoid R 2000. Although the game is very hard to find outside Japan, a "worldwide" release of the arcade version does exist.


A player engaging in a level.

The enemy known as 'DOH' still did not get the message and after many years of silence decides to attack once again. The 'Vaus' space vessel better be ready to face new, yet familiar challenges, in order to stop 'DOH' once again.

The gameplay remains similar to Arkanoid: Doh it Again, the previous game in the series released for the Super NES, in that it features the same powerups (with the addition of the brown "G" Giga Ball), some re-used level designs, and the same board size. The initial arcade game contains only 50 levels, the environment changing every 9 levels. A code can be entered before starting the game to begin a new set of 50 levels starting from Level 51, ending with a confrontation with Doh. Arkanoid R 2000 continues onto Round 51 immediately from Round 50, invalidating the need for a code entry, and includes an extra campaign with 100 new levels, several new block types, a rainbow power up (later known as "V" Vanish), and a new worm boss. This release also contained a level editor.

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