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The Arkansas Arabic Translation Award (full title: the University of Arkansas Press Award for Arabic Literature in Translation) is a prize given for a notable English translation of a book-length literary work originally written in the Arabic language.[1] The award is administered by the King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Arkansas. Since 2008, the prize-winning book has been published by the Syracuse University Press as part of their Middle Eastern literature series. Prior to 2008, the University of Arkansas Press published the award-winning entry. The prize money is $5000 for the translator and $5000 for the original author. Both fiction and non-fiction works are eligible for the award. Along with the Banipal Prize, the Arkansas Award is the leading prize in the field of Arabic-to-English literary translation.

Past winners[edit]

  • 2011 - Tree of Pearls, Queen of Egypt

Written by Jurji Zaydan; translated by Samah Selim

  • 2010 - The World Through the Eyes of Angels

Written by Mahmoud Saeed; translated by Allen Salter, Rafah Abu Ennab, and Zahra Jhishi

  • 2009 - The Pistachio Seller

Written by Reem Bassiouney; translated by Osman Nusairi

  • 2008 - Blood Test

Written by Abbas Beydoun; translated by Max Weiss

Previous winners published by the University of Arkansas Press:

  • Consult Them in the Matter: a 19th Century Islamic Argument for Constitutional Government

Written by Ahmad ibn Abi Diyaf; translated by Leon Carl Brown

  • Scattered Crumbs

Written by Muhsin al-Ramli; translated by Yasmeen Hanoosh

  • Autumn Equinox

Written by Jabbour Douaihy; translated by Nay Hannawi

  • Little Songs in the Shade of Tamaara

Written by Mohammad Afifi; translated by Lisa J. White

  • The Square Moon: Supernatural Tales

Written by Ghada Samman; translated by Issa J. Boullata

  • Dongala

Written by Idris Ali; translated by Peter Theroux

  • Quartet of Joy

Written by Muhammad Afifi Matar; translated by Ferial Ghazoul and John Verlenden

  • Improvisations on a Missing String

Written by Nazik Saba Yared; translated by Stuart A. Hancox

  • Questions and Their Retinue

Written by Hatif Janabi; translated by Khaled Mattawa

  • The First Well: A Bethlehem Boyhood

Written by Jabra Ibrahim Jabra; translated by Issa J. Boullata

  • Kingdom of Strangers

Written by Elias Khoury; translated by Paula Haydar

  • Beirut ’75

Written by Ghada Samman; translated by Nancy N. Roberts

  • Points of the Compass

Written by Sahar Tawfiq; translated by Marilyn Booth

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