Arkansas Highway 22

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Highway 22 marker

Highway 22
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Length: 75.60 mi[1] (121.67 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 64 / US 71B
I-49 – Fayetteville, Waldron
AR 23 – Caulksville
East end: AR 7 – Dardanelle
Counties: Sebastian, Franklin, Logan, Yell
Highway system
AR 21 AR 23

Arkansas Highway 22 is a state highway of 75.60 miles (121.67 km) in Sebastian, Franklin, Logan, and Yell Counties.

Route description[edit]

The route begins in Fort Smith at US 64/US 71B. It runs east, crossing I-540/US 71. AR 22 concurs with AR 255 through Fort Chaffee and intersects AR 96 east of the installation. The route next enters Charleston where it meets AR 217 before crossing AR 41 in Branch.[2] County Line High School is located on this highway near Branch.

Caulksville brings a junction with AR 23, and meetings with AR 109, AR 288, and AR 309 occur in Paris. AR 22/AR 109/AR 288 run together until Subiaco, when the route loses AR 288 but crosses AR 197.[3] AR 22 eventually loses AR 109 at Midway, running alone to Dardanelle.[4] The route terminates at AR 7 after a very brief concurrency with AR 155.[5]

The road itself is fairly straight and in reasonably good repair. Passing can be safely accomplished in several stretches of Highway 22 despite a lack of constructed passing areas.


The route was one of the original 1926 Arkansas state highways. AR 22 ran from Fort Smith to Dardanelle along a routing very similar to the modern-day routing of AR 22.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Sebastian Fort Smith US 64 / US 71B (Garrison Avenue / Towson Avenue / North 11th Street) – National Historic Site, National Cemetery
I-540 to I-40 / US 71 – Van Buren I-540 exit 8
Barling AR 253
AR 255 north
AR 59 north – Van Buren, Trimble Lock & Dam, Springhill Park
I-49 south opened to traffic and signed as temporary I-549, northbound segment into Crawford County unbuilt; future I-49 exit 193
Central City AR 255 south – Vache Grasse Park
Diamond Grove AR 96 – Lavaca, Greenwood
  AR 255 north – Lavaca
  AR 252 west
Franklin Charleston AR 217 north (Greenwood Street) – Vesta
AR 217 south (South Rattlesnake Road)
Branch AR 41 south – Chismville west end of AR 41 overlap
AR 41 north – Cecil east end of AR 41 overlap
Logan Ratcliff AR 398
Caulksville AR 23 – Ozark, Booneville
Paris AR 369 south (South Charcoal Plant Road)
AR 109 south / AR 309 (Elm Street) – Mount Magazine State Park
Subiaco AR 197 north – Scranton
Midway AR 109 north – Clarksville, Cane Creek Recreation Area, Dublin Recreation Area
New Blaine AR 197 north – Shoal Bay Recreation Area
Delaware AR 393 north – Delaware Recreation Area
Yell Dardanelle AR 155 west – Mount Nebo State Park
AR 7 to AR 27 south – Ola, Danville, Russellville
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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