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Texarkana Loop
Route information
Length: 21.4 mi[1][2] (34.4 km)
Major junctions
CCW end: I-30 / I-369 / US 59 in Texarkana, TX
CW end: US 59 / US 71 in Texarkana, AR
States: Texas, Arkansas
Counties: TX: Bowie; AR: Miller
Highway system

The Loop is a beltway around Texarkana, TX and Texarkana, AR, twin cities in the U.S. states of Arkansas and Texas, running about 16 miles (26 km). Consisting a section of Interstate 49 in Arkansas, and Loop 151 and a section of I-369 and U.S. Highway 59 in Texas, it forms a three-quarter loop around the east, south and west sides of the city. (Interstate 30 completes the circle on the north side.) The Loop is built to Interstate Freeway Standards.

The south side is bisected by State Line Avenue, which runs north–south along the state line. The whole half in Arkansas is Interstate 49 and State Route 151 (unsigned). US 59 intersects the Loop near the southwest corner, only the south side in Texas is Loop 151. Old US 59 into Texarkana (Lake Drive) is now State Highway 93.

Route description[edit]


North of the junction with and U.S. Highway 71, The former Highway 245 is part of the north–south Corridor, Interstate 49 north to Kansas City.

I-130 (Future).svg

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department submitted this piece, as well as its continuation west to the state line, as Interstate 130 (I-130) in fall 2000. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials denied the part from US 71 west to Texas, as "the state of Texas has not submitted a companion application for a suitable terminus in Texas", but the piece from US 71 north to I-30 was approved on December 8, 2000 as Future I-130. Once it was upgraded to Interstate standards and added to the Interstate Highway System by the Federal Highway Administration, it was to be signed as I-130.[3][4]

Arkansas used American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds to pave the final segment of future I-130, from the Arkansas Boulevard interchange to a new freeway-to-freeway interchange with I-30.[5] Once this section was opened, the only remaining requirement to become I-130 would've be upgrading the at-grade intersection with 19th Street to a full interchange; the right-of-way for this was reserved years ago. However, with I-49 also pending completion between Texarkana and Shreveport, Louisiana (including a segment in Arkansas also being built with ARRA funds[5]), Future I-130 was instead made part of I-49 by Summer 2014.

In May 2013, Highway 245 was replaced by Interstate 49. North of Arkansas Blvd, 245 was removed from service and re-designated Four States Fair Blvd.


Texas Loop 151.svg Loop 151 connects Highway 151 to US 59. Along with the south leg of Highway 151, it is the newest part of the Loop.

I-369 and US 59 forms the final leg of the loop, from Lake Drive to Interstate 30. This section, known officially as Jarvis Parkway, also crosses West 7th Street (U.S. Highway 67) and New Boston Road (U.S. Highway 82). Interstate 369 was designated on May 30, and was installed on September 23, 2013.[6]


Texas Spur 151.svg The number was originally used for Spur 151, which was designated on May 18, 1944 from Denison to the southern boundary of the Federal Government Property. Spur 151 was cancelled on May 21, 1946 and replaced by SH 75A, which became SH 91 on December 21, 1994. Loop 151 was designated on August 27, 1958 from I-30 to US 82. On January 20, 1966, Loop 151 extended south to US 59. On December 21, 1982, Loop 151 was transferred to US 59, so Loop 151 was reassigned to the old route of US 59. On February 7, 1985, Loop 151 was transferred to SH 93, so Loop 151 was reused for the route from US 59 to Arkansas, its current route.

Exit list[edit]

State County Location mi[1][2] km Exit Destinations Notes
Texas Bowie Texarkana 0.0 0.0 I-30 / US 59 east – Dallas, Little Rock North end of overlap with I-369, north end of overlap with US 59
0.2 0.32 FM 559 (Richmond Road) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
0.4 0.64 US 82 (New Boston Road)
1.2 1.9 Westlawn Drive – Wake Village
2.1 3.4 US 67 (7th Street)
3.2 5.1 Frontage Road Southbound exit and northbound entrance
3.8 6.1 I-369 south / US 59 south / SH 93 north (Lake Drive) to I-20 / I-69
Loop 151
South end of overlap with I-369
South end of overlap with US 59
West end of Loop 151 and overlap. I-369 South To I-20/Future I-69
4.5 7.2 FM 3527 (Leopard Drive) Northbound exit and southbound entrance, southbound access via previous exit
5.7 9.2 FM 558 (Buchanan Road)
state line
county line
city line
South State Line Avenue State border, Loop 151
Arkansas Miller Texarkana 1.4 2.3 1
I-49 south – Shreveport, LA
AR 151
South end of overlap with I-49
East end of Highway 151 and overlap
1.9 3.1 2
US 71 – Texarkana
3.2 5.1 31 AR 196 (Genoa Road)
32 US 82 (East 9th Street) / East 19th Street Southern Exit to U.S. 67
34 US 67 Former interchange that was a direct connection to US 67
6.8 10.9 35 Arkansas Boulevard / Four States Fair Parkway Northern Exit to U.S. 67
8.9 14.3 37 I-30 – Hope, Little Rock, Texarkana, Dallas Split into exits 37A (east) and 37B (west)
12.2 19.6 41 CR 23 (Sanderson Lane)
state line
county line
city line
14.1 22.7 US 59 / US 71 (North State Line Avenue) – Texarkana, Ashdown, Fort Smith Northern terminus, state border
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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