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Highway 27 marker

Highway 27
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Length: 193.14 mi[1] (310.83 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 59 / US 71 near Ben Lomond
  US 278 in Nashville
US 371 / AR 24, Nashville
US 70 / AR 84 at Kirby
US 270 in Mt. Ida
AR 7 in Dardanelle
US 64 in Russellville
I-40 in Russellville
US 65 / AR 74 in Marshall
North end: AR 14 at Harriet
Highway system
AR 26 AR 28

Arkansas Highway 27 (AR 27, Hwy. 27) is a north–south state highway in Arkansas. The route of 193.14 miles (310.83 km) runs from U.S. Route 59/US Route 71 (US 59/US 71) near Ben Lomond north to Highway 14 at Harriet.[2]

Route description[edit]

US 59/US 71 serves as the southern terminus of Highway 27 near Ben Lomond.

AR 27 begins at US 59/US 71 near Ben Lomond. The route runs east, meeting AR 317 before meeting AR 355 in Mineral Springs. The route continues to Nashville where it meets US 278 and US 371/AR 24. North of Nashville, AR 27 meets AR 26 until Murfreesboro, when it picks up AR 19.

The route winds north to meet US 70/AR 84 in Kirby. AR 27 follows US 70 until Glenwood, when it meets AR 8 and enters the Ouachita National Forest. The two routes run together until Norman. AR 27 continues northeast to US 270 in Mt. Ida, and then to Washita where it meets AR 298. The route eventually leaves the forest near Rover, which contains a junction with AR 28.

AR 27 meets AR 10 in Danville and continues north to Dardanelle. The route meets AR 7/AR 22/AR 247 on the south edge of town. It then crosses the Arkansas River into Russellville, where it meets US 64 in downtown, and Interstate 40 north of town. A concurrency with AR 7 ends in Dover, with AR 27 turning right at Market Street.

The route winds northward for a stretch, eventually meeting AR 16 and AR 333 in rural Searcy County. AR 27 continues northeast to meet US 65/AR 74 in Marshall. After Marshall, the route trails north to Harriet, where it terminates at AR 14.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Sevier US 59 / US 71 – Ashdown, De Queen
Cowlingsville AR 317 – Lockesburg, Brownstown
Howard Mineral Springs AR 355 north South end of AR 355 overlap
AR 355 south – Fulton North end of AR 355 overlap
Nashville AR 369 north – Industrial Park
AR 27B north – Business District
US 278 east to AR 27B – Hope, Historic Washington State Park Interchange; south end of US 278 overlap
US 278 west / US 371 (Isaac C. Perkins Bypass / East Peachtree Street) – Nashville Business District, Cossatot Community College University of Arkansas North end of US 278 overlap
No major junctions
Pike AR 26 west – Highland South end of AR 26 overlap
Murfreesboro AR 301 – Billstown, Crater of Diamonds State Park Junction around Pike County Courthouse
AR 19 north – Narrows Dam, Lake Greeson South end of AR 19 overlap
AR 19 south / AR 26 east – Delight South end of AR 19 / AR 26 overlap
AR 379 south – Delight
Kirby US 70 / AR 84 east – Lake Greeson, De Queen, Amity, Daisy State Park South end of US 70 overlap
Salem AR 84 west – Langley, Albert Pike Recreation Area
Glenwood AR 8 east – Amity South end of AR 8 overlap
US 70 east – Hot Springs North end of US 70 overlap; south end of US 70B overlap
US 70B east (East Broadway) North end of US 70B overlap
AR 8S (Harmon Circle)
Montgomery AR 240 west – Hopper
Norman AR 8 west – Black Springs, Mena North end of AR 8 overlap
Mount Ida US 270 east – Hot Springs South end of US 270 overlap
US 270 west – "Y" City, Pencil Bluff North end of US 270 overlap
AR 188 east
Washita AR 88 west – Pencil Bluff
Story AR 298 east to AR 7
Yell Onyx AR 314 east – Hollis
Rover AR 28 west – Briggsville South end of AR 28 overlap
AR 28 east – Plainview, Dardanelle North end of AR 28 overlap
Danville AR 80 west – Waltreak
AR 10 east (East 8th Street) – Ola South end of AR 10 overlap
AR 10 west – Booneville North end of AR 10 overlap
AR 154 east – Mount George, Centerville
AR 307 south – Spring Lake
Dardanelle AR 7 to AR 22 west – Paris, Ola
Gap in route
Pope Dover AR 7 – Harrison, Russellville
Scottsville AR 164 east
AR 105 south – Atkins
AR 16 east – Clinton South end of AR 16 overlap
AR 16 west – Witts Spring North end of AR 16 overlap
Van Buren Una AR 254 east – Chimes
Searcy Canaan AR 333 south South end of AR 333 overlap
AR 333 north North end of AR 333 overlap
Marshall US 65 north – Harrison South end of US 65 overlap
US 65 south – Little Rock North end of US 65 overlap
AR 74 east – Landis, Mountain View
Harriet AR 14 – Yellville, Big Flat, Ozark Folk Center State Park, Blanchard Springs Caverns
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Arkansas Highway 27 had two auxiliary routes, with AR 27N being removed in the 1990s.

Nashville business route[edit]

Highway 27B
Location: Nashville
Length: 2.38 mi[1] (3.83 km)

Arkansas Highway 27B is a business route in Nashville. It is 2.38 miles (3.83 km) in length.

Former route[edit]

Highway 27N
Location: Ben Lomond

Arkansas Highway 27N was a short east–west highway in southwest Arkansas. Its eastern terminus was at Arkansas Highway 27 east of Ben Lomond with its western terminus at U.S. Route 71 1-mile (1.6 km) south of Falls Chapel. In the 1990s Highway 27N was replaced by a realigned Highway 27.

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