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Arkansas State League
CountryUnited States

The Arkansas State League was an American minor league baseball league. Several leagues of this name operated at different times. The first version was in operation in 1894, followed by an 1897 league. Class "D" leagues of this name operated from 1908–1909 in Arkansas and Louisiana and also in 1934–1935 in Arkansas and Missouri. In 1936, the league was renamed the Arkansas-Missouri League.


The league began operations. New teams in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, and Siloam Springs joined. The winners of the first and second halves of the season played for the league championship at the end of the year.

Team Name Record
Bentonville Officeholders 40-35 (2nd half winner)
Siloam Springs Buffalos 37-31 (tied for 1st half winner)
Rogers Rustlers 36-35 (tied for 1st half winner)
Fayetteville Educators 33-42

Rogers defeated Siloam Springs 1 game to none for the 1st half title. Rogers defeated Bentonville 4 games to 3 for the league championship.


New teams in Cassville, Missouri and Huntsville, Arkansas formed.

Siloam Springs Travellers 66-43 (2nd half winner)
Rogers Cardinals 59-50 (1st half winner)
Cassville Tigers 54-48
Bentonville Officeholders 51-56
Fayetteville Bears 45-56
Huntsville Red Birds 41-63

Rogers defeated Siloam Springs 4 games to 3 for the championship.

All teams moved to the Arkansas–Missouri League, and the Arkansas State League folded.


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