Arkhangelsky (crater)

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Arkhangelsky Crater
Arkhangelsky crater dunes.jpg
Arkhangelsky Crater Dunes, as seen by THEMIS. Click on image to see possible gullies on central peak.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 41°24′S 24°48′W / 41.4°S 24.8°W / -41.4; -24.8Coordinates: 41°24′S 24°48′W / 41.4°S 24.8°W / -41.4; -24.8
Eponym A.D. Arkhangelsky a Russian geologist

Arkhangelsky Crater is a crater in the Argyre quadrangle of Mars, located at 41.4° S and 24.8° W. It is 125 km across and was named after A.D. Arkhangelsky a Russian geologist.[1]

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