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Arkus Financial Services
Industry Financial services
Founded London, England, U. K. (2003)

Yves de Naurois

Peter Jeffreys
Headquarters 6B, route de Trèves,
Senningerberg, Luxembourg
Area served
Key people
Yves de Naurois (Chairman)
Christophe Pessault (CEO)
Nicolaus P. Bocklandt (Partner)[disambiguation needed]
Martin Ewen (Head of Operations & Development)
Axelle Ferey (General Manager)
Services Risk Management
Number of employees
16 (2013)
Website Arkus financial services


Arkus Financial Services was founded as IRML (Independent Risk Monitoring Limited), in 2003 by Yves de Naurois and Peter Jeffreys. In addition to Yves de Naurois and Peter Jeffreys, IRML's founding directors were Norman Riddell, CEO of Norman Riddell & Associates, and formerly CEO of Invesco Europe; and Colin Morrison, Head of Performance & Risk Measurement at Standard Life Investments, and member of the IMA working party on Performance & Risk Measurement.

IRML started its activities in London as a provider of risk services with a focus on the funds industry. This activity led IRML to deal with compliance and governance issues working in cooperation with service providers in the fields of compliance, governance, and funds management companies through exclusive agreements.

In 2005, IRML opened a representative office in Luxembourg to ensure the support of its customers and to expand its business.

In 2007 IRML created Mercuria Independent Risk Solutions (MIRS) in Luxembourg in partnership with Mercuria Services a Domiciliation and Management Company owned by some of the Arendt & Medernach partners (A&M).

In June 2008 IRML created in Dublin, Bridge Independent Risk solutions in partnership with Bridge Consulting.

In November 2008 Arendt & Medernach sold the domiciliation activities to SGG and the remainder of Mercuria was merged with The Directors Office (TDO) to become MDO. Thus IRML and MDO each owned 50% of MIRS.

In July 2010 IRML purchased the 50% ownership of MDO into MIRS and became the sole owner of MIRS which was renamed IRML S.A.

In 2013 the company adopted the name Arkus to reflect its evolution and the enlargement of its service offering now based on 4 pillars: Risk, Governance, Compliance and Substance..


ARKUS provides the asset management industry with[1] risk measurement solutions, including delegated Risk Management functions.

It hosts a governance platform where its clients can have access to a diversified pool of directors supported by qualified staff[2] and also provides clients with premises, IT infrastructure and helps them oversee their providers using its in-house system RiskRadar™.[3]

ARKUS monitors portfolios for more than 40 clients, most of them on a daily basis. Its clients include, pension fund, insurance company, asset management company and banks. The portfolios monitored include segregated accounts, UCITS, and SIFS based in European jurisdictions, including Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK.[4]


Yves de Naurois[edit]

Yves was previously Head of Global Investment Process at Citibank Private Bank and CEO of Citibank Luxembourg. Independent Risk Monitoring Limited’s exception-based process reflects Yves’ experience of quantitative tools obtained to control investment portfolios, including performance attribution and risk models. Yves obtained his MBA from Columbia University, New York.[5]

Peter Jeffreys[edit]

Peter Jeffreys was co-founder of Fund Research Limited, which provided qualitative ratings on open and closed-end funds, and which was acquired by Standard & Poor's in 1997. Prior to Fund Research, Peter was a portfolio manager with Fidelity International, and before that, with Schlesinger Investment Management Services. He has over 30 years investment management experience and is founding partner of IRML S.A.[6]


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