Arlene Vaughan

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Arlene Vaughan
Arlene Vaughan.jpg
Olivia Birkelund as Arlene Vaughan
All My Children character
Portrayed by
Duration 1990–93, 1995, 2000–02
First appearance 1990
Last appearance June 11, 2002
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by
Classification Former, recurring
  • Bartender at Adam's Place
  • Bookkeeper for a Dalton, Georgia-based carpet manufacturer

Arlene Vaughan is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera All My Children. The character was originated by actress Phyllis Lyons. She portrayed the role from 1990 to 1993. Olivia Birkelund, most identified in the role, took over the role in 1995 and portrayed it from April 1995 to September 1995. She then returned to the role again in 2000, 2001, and finally 2002.

Character history[edit]

Arlene Vaughan comes to Pine Valley hot on the heels of her runaway daughter, Hayley. In Pine Valley, Hayley discovers that her biological father is Adam Chandler, and that she was raised to believe different. Arlene, at the time, is an alcoholic, and one night after she drinks and drives, she crashes into a car being driven by Jackson Montgomery, with a pregnant Brooke English inside.

Arlene's other habit is being attracted to her daughter's boyfriends and husbands. She and Alec McIntyre, Hayley's then-husband, have a one-night stand, or so Alec thinks. Arlene blackmails him into more sex. She decides to tell Hayley the truth about her and Alec, but Alec insists on one more night. That night, instead of sex, Alec pours alcohol down Arlene's throat, saying to her that every time he had sex with her, it disgusted him. Hayley witnesses this and Alec is eventually sent to jail for trying to kill Arlene through alcohol poisoning. Arlene soon leaves town afterward.

She makes several more trips back to Pine Valley, however, much to the dismay of her daughter. In 2000, she begins drinking again and gets behind the wheel of a car, crashing into Stuart Chandler. Arlene ends up marrying Stuart's twin brother, Adam, and ends up pregnant by him, but miscarries the baby, and Adam soon divorces her.

Hayley and Mateo Santos have a child in 2001. Determined to see her new grandson, little Enzo, Arlene steals a lock of his hair. Hayley wants nothing to do with her, however, so she quickly leaves town, abandoning her plan to kidnap Enzo.

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