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Arline Fisch
BornAugust 21, 1931
Known forArtist, Painting, Jewelry, Metalworking

Arline Fisch is an American artist and educator, who works with metal as her medium.


Arline Fisch (born 1931) was born in New York City. She learned to sew and weave from her mother and picked up a passion for the color red from her father while growing up in New York. She studied at Skidmore College, receiving her B.S. in Art in 1952. She received her M.A. in Art in 1954 from the University of Illinois. After teaching for two years at Wheaton College, she traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark, on a Fulbright Grant to study silversmithing. She has received three additional Fulbright grants, one to conduct further research in Denmark and two to lecture in Austria and Uruguay. She has taught at Wheaton College, Skidmore College, and San Diego State University, where she retired in 2000. She has exhibited extensively all over the world in group shows and solo exhibitions.

Arline Fisch is best known for the way she handles metal in her pieces. Her book, Textile Techniques in Metal for Jewelers, Textile Artists and Sculptors, is a demonstration of the techniques she developed while trying to combine the textures of weaving with a metal material. She works with thin wire to create forms that have been manipulated in similar ways to knitted or braided fabric. She has cited jewelry of ancient cultures as being a continued reference and inspiration for her work.



Honors and Awards
  • 2002 Doctor of Humane Letters, Skidmore College
  • 2001 Gold Medal, American Craft Council
  • 2000 Honorary Membership, Society of North American Goldsmiths
  • Distinguished Craft Educator Award, James Renwick Alliance
  • 1996 Outstanding Professor, San Diego State University
  • 1994 Award, “Lifetime Achievement in the Crafts", Nat. Mus. of Women in the Arts, Wash. D.C.
  • 1990 Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, SDSU
  • 1989 Fulbright Grant, Lecturer, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • CSU Award for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity
  • 1986 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
  • 1985 Declared a "Living Treasure of California" by Resolution of California State Assembly[3]
  • 1982 Fulbright Grant, Lecturer, Vienna, Austria
  • 1981 NEA Services to the Field Project Grant
  • 1979 NEA Craftsman's Workshop Grant (Project Director)
  • 1977 NEA Craftsman's Apprentice Grant
  • 1975 National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman's Fellowship
  • 1966 Fulbright Research Grant to Denmark (plus three-month extension)
  • 1956 Fulbright Research Grant

In 2002 an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Skidmore College; in 2006 a fifty thousand dollar fellowship award from United States Artists in support of her creative work; and she is honored by the Fresno Art Museum Council Of 100 as the Distinguished Woman Artist for 2012, for which the exhibition, "In the Garden of Delight: Adornments by Arline Fisch," is a celebration.[2]



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Selected exhibitions[edit]

  • 1955 - "American Jewelry and Related Objects", Huntington, West Virginia plus touring section
  • 1957 - .S. Education Foundation in Denmark, SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1958 - "Young Americans", Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC
  • 1962 - Pasadena Museum of Art – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1963 - "California Crafts III", Oakland AWARD
  • "Jewelry International", Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York
  • 1964 - USIA Traveling Exhibition to Latin America
  • 1965 - "California Design Nine", Pasadena Art Museum, California
  • "Art of Personal Adornment", Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York
  • 1967 - Kunstindustrimuseet Copenhagen, Denmark – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1968 - Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York City – SOLO EXHIBITION Museum West, San Francisco – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1969 - "The Egg and the Eye" – Los Angeles, California – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1970 - "Goldsmith 70", Minnesota Museum of Artand Museum of Cont. Crafts, NYC
  • 1971 - Goldsmiths Hall, London – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • Lee Nordness Galleries, New York City – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • "Form and Quality", International Handicraft Fair, Munich-GOLD MEDAL AWARD
  • "Schmuck-Objekte", Museum Bellerive, Zürich
  • 1972 - "5000 Years of Gold Jewellery", Goldsmiths Hall, London
  • 1973 - The Slocumb Gallery, Johnson City, Tennessee – SOLO EXHIBITION "Tendenzen – 73", Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim
  • 1974 - First World Crafts Exhibition, Ontario Science Center, Toronto
  • "Kreativer Schmuck", 32 International Jewelers, Basel, Switzerland
  • 1975 - Florence Duhl Gallery, New York City – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • "Contemporary Crafts of the Americas", tour sponsored by Smithsonian Institution
  • 1976 - "Theme: Jewellery", Special Exhibition of Swiss Industries Fair, Basel
  • "Six Contemporary American Jewellers", Electrum Gallery, London
  • 1977 - Southwest Missouri State University – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • "Schmuck 77 – Tendenzen", Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim
  • 1978 - "Craft Art and Religion", Vatican Museum, Rome
  • "Modern American Jewelry", Tokyo, Japan
  • "Sculpture to Wear", La Jolla Museum of Art, California
  • 1979 - "International Jewellery Art Exhibition", Tokyo, Japan
  • 1980 - Electrum Gallery, London, England – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • "International Jewellery 1900–1980", Vienna, Austria
  • 1981 - FISCH AND HU, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, Oregon – DUO EXHIBITION
  • "Der Goldene Faden, Texturen in Gold" Schwabisch Gmund – PRIZE
  • 1982 - Museum fur Angewandte Kunst, Vienna – SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1983 - Electrum Gallery, London, SOLO EXHIBITION
  • International Jewellery Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan. Catalog
  • 1984 - "Jewelry USA", American Craft Museum, NYC
  • Contemporary Jewellery, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan
  • 1985 - Helen Drutt Gallery, Philadelphia, SOLO EXHIBITION
  • AMERICAN JEWELRY NOW, USIA touring exhibition
  • "New Tradition: The Evolution of Jewellery 1966–85", British Craft Centre, London
  • 1986 - International Jewellery Exhibition, Tokyo, Catalog
  • "Craft Today: Poetry of the Physical", American Craft Museum, NYC, Catalog
  • "Perspectives: International Spirit in Jewellery", Basle, Switzerland, Catalog
  • MacQuarie Galleries, Sydney, Australia SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1987 - "Woven Gold", Concepts Gallery, Carmel, CA SOLO EXHIBITION
  • "Woven Gold", Electum Gallery, London, SOLO EXHIBITION
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  • "Woven Gold Spirit Houses" Hand & Spirit, Scottsdale, AZ. SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 1991 - "Schmuckszene 91", Munich Handcraft Fair, Germany and Ireland
  • 1992 - "Design Vision" International Triennial, Art Gallery of Western Australia
  • "American Crafts: The Nation's Collection", Renwick Gallery, Washington, D.C.
  • 1993 - "Lifetime Achievements", Nat. Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis (catalog)
  • "Contemporary Jewellery", TRIO Exhibition, STUDIO COM Gallery, Kyoto
  • 1994 -Fanourakis Gallery, Athens, Greece. SOLO EXHIBITION
  • "School of Fisch", Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Aalborg, Denmark, Catalog
  • 1995 - "School of Fisch", DesignYard, Dublin, Ireland
  • "In Our Hands", 3rd International Competition, Nagoya, Japan
  • 1996 - "Textile Techniques, New Work", Connell Gallery, Atlanta, GA SOLO EXHIBITION
  • "American Revelations", Shipley Gallery, Gateshead, UK, Catalog
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