Arlington High School (Indiana)

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Arlington High School
4825 North Arlington Avenue

, ,

United States
Coordinates39°50′39″N 86°03′49″W / 39.844211°N 86.063505°W / 39.844211; -86.063505Coordinates: 39°50′39″N 86°03′49″W / 39.844211°N 86.063505°W / 39.844211; -86.063505
TypePublic Secondary
School districtIndianapolis Public Schools
PrincipalStanley Law
Enrollment386[1] (2016–2017)
Color(s)     Gold
Athletics conferenceIndianapolis Public School Conference
Team nameGolden Knights

Arlington High School is a comprehensive public high school located in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Arlington High School was established in 1961 to address rapid suburbanization in Indianapolis. Arlington was among the last public high schools to open within the Indianapolis Public Schools system. In 2004, Arlington High School implemented a small school initiative: Traditional departments were done away with and five small schools, or schools within the school were created. Each school has its own academic dean, or principal, and the previous principal became the campus administrator. This district-pushed initiative was meant to improve student success.

Due to decreased district enrollment and continued low performance, Arlington became a 7–12 community school beginning in the 2008–2009 academic year.[2][3][4][5]

In 2015, the school was returned to the control of IPS after being run by Tindley Accelerated Schools for three years. During the early parts of the year the school was faced with many challenges including drugs, vandalism, and violence. After Principal Law requested, and was granted, additional administrative staff from the district, the school began to see a turnaround. By the end of the year academic performance had increased and disciplinary problems had decreased.[citation needed]

In June 2017, Due to the school's low–enrollment and poor academic performance, IPS decided that Arlington would close along with two other schools; Borad Ripple and Northwest High Schools after the 2017–2018 school year.[6][7] The school board decided Arlington would reopen as a middle school for the 2018–2019 school year.


The school's athletic teams are named the Golden Knights.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable staff[edit]

  • Dave Blase, cyclist and inspiration for the movie Breaking Away. He was a biology teacher at Arlington High School.

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