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Arlington House Publishers
Status Defunct
Country of origin United States
Publication types books

Arlington House, Inc., (dba as Arlington House Publishers), now-defunct, was an American book publisher of jazz discographies, as well as conservative and anti-communist titles. It was a Delaware corporation from 1964 to 1988 with offices in New Rochelle and New York City and, in 1981, Westport, Connecticut.

History of corporate structure[edit]

  • In 1968, Computer Applications acquired the businesses of Arlington House, Inc., and its affiliated companies, Conservative Book Club, Inc., and Nostalgia Book Club, Inc., all of New Rochelle, for approximately $1.5 million in stock. The acquired firms continued to operate under then current management as part of the direct mail/graphic arts and publishing division of Computer Applications, Inc. (CAI).[1]

Selected books published[edit]

Politics, economics, & conservatism[edit]

  • Bruce R Bartlett, Reaganomics : supply side economics in action (1981)
  • Harold O J Brown, The reconstruction of the Republic (1977)
  • Frank G. Carrington, Neither Cruel nor Unusual – The Case for Capital Punishment (1978)
  • John Alexander Carroll & Odie B Faulk, Home of the brave : a patriot's guide to American history (1976)
  • Bernard Lande Cohen, Law without Order: Capital Punishment and the Liberals (1970)
  • Benjamin Colby, 'Twas a Famous Victory: Deception and Propaganda in War with Germany (1975)
  • Michael Davies, Liturgical revolution. Part 2, Pope John's council (1977)
  • Lee Edwards, You can make the difference (1980)
  • Finis Farr, Fair enough : the life of Westbrook Pegler (1975)
  • William F. Gavin, Street corner conservative (1975)
  • Michele Stenehjem Gerber, An American first: John T. Flynn and the America First Committee (1976)
  • Henry Hazlitt, A new Constitution now (1974)
  • Henry Hazlitt, Economics in one lesson (1979)
  • Bruce Herschensohn, The gods of antenna (1976)
  • Victor Hicken, The world is coming to an end!: An irreverent look at modern doomsayers (1975)
  • Thomas J Holt, Total investing (1976)
  • Hal A Huggins, Why raise ugly kids? : fulfill your child's health and happiness potential (1981)
  • Peter N James, Soviet Conquest from Space (1974)
  • Anthony Kubek, The Red China papers: What Americans Deserve to know about U.S.-Chinese relations (1975)
  • Donald Lambro, The conscience of a young conservative (1976)
  • Thomas A Lane, The breakdown of the old politics (1974)
  • Albert Lee, Slumlord! The true story of the man who is beating America's biggest problem (1976)
  • William Lester, Morality, anyone? (1975)
  • Tibor R. Machan, The pseudo-science of B. F. Skinner (1974)
  • H L Mencken, A gang of pecksniffs: and other comments on newspaper publishers, editors and reporters (1975)
  • Thomas Steven Molnar, Authority and its enemies (1976)
  • Gary North, None Dare Call It Witchcraft (1976)
  • Alexander Perry Paris, The coming credit collapse: an update for the 1980s (1980)
  • Kevin P. Phillips, The Emerging Republican Majority (1969)
  • John Henry Newman & Charles Frederick Harrold, A Newman treasury. Selections from the prose works (1975)
  • Murray Newton Rothbard & Leonard P Liggio, A new land, a new people: the American colonies in the seventeenth century (1975)
  • Murray Newton Rothbard & Leonard P Liggio, Conceived in liberty (1975)
  • Murray Newton Rothbard, Advance to revolution, 1760-1775 (1976)
  • Craig Schiller, The (guilty) conscience of a conservative (1978)
  • Phyllis Schlafly & Chester Charles Ward, Kissinger on the couch (1975)
  • Irwin A Schiff, The biggest con: how the government is fleecing you (1976)
  • Harry D Schultz, Panics & crashes : How you can make money out of them (1980)
  • Robert A Shakman, Poison-proof your body! : Food, pollution, and your health (1980)
  • Antony C. Sutton, Wall Street and FDR (1975)
  • Robert B Taylor, Doctor Taylor's guide to healthy skin for all ages (1974)
  • Ralph de Toledano, Hit and run; the rise - and fall? – of Ralph Nader (1975)
  • Jerome Tuccille, Who's afraid of 1984? (1975)
  • Charlotte Twight, America's emerging Fascist economy (1975)
  • Wayne Valis, The Future under President Reagan (1981)
  • Ludwig von Mises, A Critique of interventionism: inquiries into the economic policy and the economic ideology of the present (1977)
  • Richard Shaw Wheeler, Pegans in the pulpit (1974)
  • James R. Whelan, Allende, death of a Marxist dream (1981)
  • Victor P Whitney, How to beat the money-grabbers: the essentials of estate planning (1979)

Arts & entertainment[edit]

  • Alvin H Marill, Movies made for television: the telefeature and the mini-series, 1964-1979 (1980)
  • Bill Libby, They didn't win the Oscars (1980)
  • Brian A L Rust, Abe Lyman to Bob Zurke: index of song titles; index of artists (1978)
  • Brian A L Rust, Irving Aaronson to Abe Lyman (1978)
  • Brian Rust, Jazz records, 1897-1942 (1978)
  • David Ragan, Who's who in Hollywood 1900-1976 (1977)
  • Gabe Essoe, The official book of TV lists (1981)
  • James Robert Parish, Hollywood’s great love teams (1974)
  • James Robert Parish, The Hollywood Beauties (1978)
  • James Robert Parish, The RKO Gals (1974)
  • James Robert Parish, The tough guys (1976)
  • James Robert Parish, Lennard DeCarl, Hollywood players: the forties (1976)
  • Jane Dorner, Fashion in the forties & fifties (1975)
  • Jeff Lenburg, The encyclopedia of animated cartoon series (1981)
  • John Milton Hagen, Holly-would! (1974)
  • Les Adams & Buck Rainey, Shoot-em-ups: the complete reference guide to Westerns of the sound era (1978)
  • Michael G Fitzgerald, Universal pictures: a panoramic history in words, pictures and filmographies (1977)
  • Richard M Sudhalter & Philip R Evans, Bix: man & legend (1975)
  • Roger D Kinkle, The complete encyclopedia of popular music and jazz 1900–1950 (1974)
  • Sheldon Harris, Blues who's who: a biographical dictionary of blues singers (1979)
  • Steven Jay Rubin, The James Bond films: a behind the scenes history (1981)
  • Ted Sennett, Warner Brothers presents: the most exciting years – from the Jazz singer to White heat (1971)
  • William R Meyer, The Film Buff's catalog (1979)


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