Arlit Department

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The valleys of Timia
The valleys of Timia
Arlit Department location in the region
Arlit Department location in the region
Country Flag of Niger.svg Niger
Region Agadez Region
 • Total 216,744 km2 (83,685 sq mi)
Population (2012 census)
 • Total 105,025
 • Density 0.48/km2 (1.3/sq mi)
Time zone GMT 1 (UTC+1)

Arlit is a department of the Agadez Region in Niger. Its capital lies at the city of Arlit. As of 2012, the department had a total population of 105,025 people.[1]


Air massif sat map south.png

It is divided administratively into the following communes:[1]


Coordinates: 18°44′13″N 7°23′07″E / 18.73694°N 7.38528°E / 18.73694; 7.38528