Armée Belge Reconstituée

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Revived Belgian Army
Armée Belge Reconstituée
Participant in Second World War
Active ~July 1941
Leaders Robert Lentz
Area of operations Across Belgium
Became Légion Belge, eventually Armée Secrète
Opponents Nazi Germany German Occupying Forces

The Revived Belgian Army (French: Armée Belge Reconstituée) or ABR was an early group of the Belgian resistance against German occupation during the World War II. In July 1941 the organization became part of the Légion Belge.


The organization was originally founded by Reserve-Colonel BEM Robert Lentz[1] with the aim of reuniting former members of the (now defeated) Belgian Army to continue military opposition to the Germans. The organization was also planned to act as a gendarmerie force to maintain stability in the event of the expulsion of the German forces from the country by the allies.[2]


In July 1941, the group merged with the Légion Belge and took its name.[3] Eventually, the Légion would become the part of the largest resistance organization, the Armée secrète.


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