National Liberation Army (Algeria)

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National Liberation Army
جيش التحرير الوطني الجزائري
Armée de libération nationale
Leader(s)Ahmed Ben Bella
MotivesIndependence of Algeria
Active region(s)French Algeria
IdeologyAlgerian nationalism
Major actionsBattle of Algiers (1956–57)
Battle of Agounennda
Notable attacksOran massacre of 1962
Toussaint Rouge
StatusBecame Algerian People's National Armed Forces
Size300,000 identified, 40,000 civilian support

The National Liberation Army or ALN (Arabic, جيش التحرير الوطني الجزائري Djaïche Al-Tehrir Al-Ouatani Al-Djezaïr; French, Armée de libération nationale) was the armed wing of the nationalist Front de Libération National (FLN) during the Algerian War. After the independence of Algeria from France in 1962, the ALN was converted into the regular armed forces of the republic, but its leadership also came to play a prominent role in Algerian politics, as in the 1965 coup d'état by Col. Houari Boumediene.