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Armada is the Spanish and Portuguese word for naval fleet, which also adopted into English, Malay and Indonesian for the same meaning, or an adjective meaning 'armed'; Armáda (pronounced [ˈarmaːda]) is the Czech and Slovak word for armed forces.

Armada may also refer to:


Explorations and military campaigns[edit]

Military campaigns[edit]

  • Spanish Armada or Great Armada, an unsuccessful attempted invasion of England by Spain in 1588
  • English Armada or Counter Armada, an unsuccessful English naval campaign in 1589 aimed at capturing Lisbon and other coastal towns from Spain
  • Armada of 1779 or Other Armada, an unsuccessful attempted invasion of England by France and Spain in 1779


Armed forces[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]




  • Armada (novel), a 2015 novel by Ernest Cline
  • The Armada (book) (1959), a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of the Spanish Armada by Garrett Mattingly
  • Armada (comics), a division of Acclaim Comics Inc., which published licensed own properties
  • Armada Books, a now defunct publishing house, one time publishers of the Billy Bunter children's novels



  • Adam Lindgren (born 1993), professional Super Smash Bros. player known as Armada
  • General Alfonso Armada, a Spanish military officer condemned as one of the plotters of the 23-F attempted coup
  • Juan Armada y Losada, Spanish politician


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