Armageddon (Aria album)

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Aria armageddon.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 1, 2006
GenreHeavy metal
Aria chronology
Крещение огнём

Armageddon (Russian: Армагеддон) is the tenth studio album by Aria, and the first after signing to the CD-Maximum label. It shows a bit of power metal influence, uncommon for the band.

Track #8 "Chuzhoy" reached the 1st position on the Russian radio charts.

It was the last album of the band to feature Artur Berkut on its line-up.

Track listing[edit]

1."Posledny zakat" (Последний закат, lit. Last Sunset)Igor LobanovVladimir Holstinin5:01
2."Mecheny zlom" (Меченый злом, lit. Marked by Evil)Nina KokorevaSergey Popov6:08
3."Strazh imperii" (Страж империи, lit. Guardian of the Empire)Margarita PushkinaVitaly Dubinin4:43
4."Novy krestovy pokhod" (Новый крестовый поход, lit. The New Crusade)PushkinaVitaly Dubinin4:53
5."Messiya" (Мессия, lit. Messiah)LobanovVladimir Holstinin4:38
6."Krov koroley" (Кровь королей, lit. The Blood of Kings)PushkinaVitaly Dubinin9:00
7."Viking" (Викинг)Pushkina, PopovSergey Popov5:48
8."Chuzhoy" (Чужой, lit. Alien)PushkinaVladimir Holstinin5:03
9."Svet byloy lyubvi" (Свет былой любви, lit. The Light of Bygone Love)PushkinaVitaly Dubinin4:18
10."Tvoy den" (Твой день, lit. Your Day)PushkinaArtur Berkut5:19

Lyric themes[edit]

  • "Strazh imperii" tells about Japanese kamikaze in World War II
  • "Novy krestovy pokhod" is sung from the point of Knight Templar
  • "Messiya" tells of the struggle between Christianity and Slavic Paganism
  • "Krov koroley" tells the story of the last battle of King Arthur
  • "Chuzhoy" is based on Ray Bradbury's short story "Zero Hour"
  • "Posledny zakat" deals with World War III and nuclear war


Recorded on ARIA Records studio. Sound engineering by Dmitry Kalinin. Mastering by Andrey Subbotin and Saturday Mastering studio. Technical support by A&T Trade, Avallon, Mixart, Violet Design. Instruments by: Fender, Jackson, Ibanez, Marshall Amplifiers, DiMarzio, Korg, Shure, Dean Markley, Sabine, Tama, Zildjian, Violet Design.

Cover art by Leo Hao.