Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council

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Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council
Coat of arms or logo
Founded1 April 2015
Preceded byArmagh City and District Council
Banbridge District Council
Craigavon Borough Council
Lord Mayor
Julie Flaherty, Ulster Unionist Party
Political groups
     DUP (11)
     UUP (10)
     Sinn Féin (10)
     SDLP (6)
     Alliance (3)
     Independent (1)
Last election
2 May 2019
Meeting place
Craigavon (01), September 2009.JPG Civic and Conference Centre

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council is a local authority that was established on 1 April 2015. It replaced Armagh City and District Council, Banbridge District Council and Craigavon Borough Council. The first elections to the authority were on 22 May 2014 and it acted as a shadow authority, before the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon district was created on 1 April 2015.[1]


Lord Mayor[edit]

From To Name Party
2015 2016 Darryn Causby DUP
2016 2017 Garath Keating Sinn Féin
2017 2018 Gareth Wilson DUP
2018 2019 Julie Flaherty UUP

Deputy Lord Mayor[edit]

From To Name Party
2015 2016 Catherine Seeley Sinn Féin
2016 2017 Paul Greenfield DUP
2017 2018 Sam Nicholson UUP
2018 2019 Paul Duffy Sinn Féin


For the purpose of elections the council is divided into seven district electoral areas (DEA):[2]

Area Seats
Armagh 6
Banbridge 7
Craigavon 5
Cusher 5
Lagan River 5
Lurgan 7
Portadown 6

Councillors by electoral area[edit]


Current council members
District electoral area Name Party
Armagh Garath Keating Sinn Féin
Thomas O'Hanlon SDLP
Darren McNally Sinn Féin
Sam Nicholson UUP
Freda Donnelly DUP
Mealla Campbell SDLP
Banbridge Glenn Barr UUP
Ian Burns UUP
Elizabeth Ingram UUP
Paul Greenfield DUP
Junior McCrum DUP
Brendan Curran Sinn Féin
Seamus Doyle SDLP
Craigavon Kenneth Twyble UUP
Robert Woolsey Smith DUP
Declan McAlinden SDLP
Fergal Lennon ‡ Aontú
Margaret Tinsley DUP
Cusher Jim Speers UUP
Paul Berry Independent
Gordon Kennedy UUP
Sharon Haughey SDLP
Gareth Wilson DUP
Lagan River Mark Baxter DUP
Paul Rankin DUP
Marc Woods UUP
Carol Black ‡ Independent
Hazel Gamble DUP
Lurgan Carla Lockhart DUP
Joe Nelson SDLP
Colin McCusker UUP
Stephen Moutray † DUP
Catherine Nelson † Sinn Féin
Keith Haughian Sinn Féin
Liam Mackle † Sinn Féin
Portadown Louise Templeton † DUP
Gemma McKenna Sinn Féin
Darryn Causby DUP
Julie Flaherty † UUP
Arnold Hatch UUP
David Jones ‡ Independent

Co-opted to fill a vacancy since the election.
Changed party affiliation since the election.
Last update 24 March 2019.

For further details see Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon District Council election, 2014.


The area covered by new Council has a population of 199,693 residents according to the 2011 Northern Ireland census.[5] This made it the second largest council, in terms of population, after Belfast City Council.


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