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Armand Bouchart was a Templar who commanded a small garrison during the Templar rule of Cyprus in 1192.


Little is known about Bouchart other than the period during Cyprus' reign under the Templar Grand Master, Robert de Sablé, who, at that period, was not able to leave a huge garrison on Cyprus, as the army was needed to do battle elsewhere. All that remained on Cyprus were 14 to 20 Templars. Still this small garrison under the command of Armand Bouchart was scarcely enough to properly occupy the island. The men sent to look after the island were warriors and not administrators. Soon after arriving on Cyprus, Templar arrogance was clearly shown. They started disrespecting the island's barons and citizens and began taking what they wanted.[1]

This ill treatment soon came to its peak and the populace revolted. Bouchart and his knights sought shelter in the Templar castle in order to regroup. They bolted out of the castle in full armor and assaulted the Cypriots. The massacre was over in minutes and the revolt was halted for the time being. Bouchart told de Sablé that his small number of men was insufficient to hold the island and that another revolt must surely be around the corner. It was decided that the island of Cyprus would have to go and therefore, it was sold to Guy of Lusignan.[1]

Representations in popular culture[edit]

Armand Bouchart is featured in the video game Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines as the main antagonist and Grand Master of the Templar Order. He seeks the "Apple of Eden", which allows its user to control the minds of people and make them carry out the bidding of whoever is using it.[citation needed]


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