Armand Laroche

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Armand Laroche
Born 1826
Died 1903
Nationality French
Known for Painter

Armand Laroche (1826 – 1903), also known as Amand Laroche, was a French painter, who specialized in portraits and genre painting.


Painted signature of the artist

Born in Saint-Cyr-l'École (Seine-et-Oise). Arman Laroche was studying at École des beaux-arts de Versailles and École des beaux-arts de Paris, he was student of Ferdinand Wachsmuth and Michel Martin Drolling. He took part in the Paris Salon every year from 1846 up to 1903. He was awarded a bronze medal at the Exposition Universelle (1889), and an honourable mention at the Exposition Universelle (1900).


  • Portrait of Sculptor Poitevin (1855), Musée des beaux-arts de Marseille
  • Portrait of a Young Woman (1872)
  • Blue Bird, featured at the Salon in 1882
  • Portrait of L-F Schützenberger (1884)
  • Le Réveil, featured at the Salon in 1886
  • Portrait of M. Lapostolet, featured at the Salon in 1887
  • Portrait of Melle Lainé, Artist of the Odeon, featured at the salon in 1888
  • La Rosée, featured at the Salon in 1889
  • Baigneuse, featured at the Salon in 1892
  • Female Nude by Pond With Water Lilies
  • Diana Bathing With the Nymphs



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