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Armando Castelar

Armando Castelar (born November 5, 1955, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian economist who was Head of the Economics Department of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) for eight years, leading the Bank´s research work and advising the Executive Board on macroeconomic issues. He is also a former analyst of Arminio Fraga and his Gávea Investimentos. Since 2010 he has been Coordinator of Applied Economic Research at Instituto Brasileiro de Economia (IBRE)/Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Brazil's leading think tank,[1] and Professor of Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


Castelar earned a Ph.D. in Economics (University of California, Berkeley), Master's degrees in Statistics (IMPA) and Business Administration (COPPEAD) and a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering (ITA).

His current research focuses on macroeconomics, infrastructure regulation, national development banks,[2] and financial services, although past work included studies about financial service firms in Brazil and other emerging economies, privatization, law and economics, and development economics.


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