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Armenfilm (Russian: Арменфильм, also known as Hayfilm Armenian: Հայֆիլմ) is an Armenian film studio in Yerevan. The film studio was founded on 16 April 1923 as a production unit of the Soviet State Cinema Organisation, with Daniel Dznuni as the first director.[1]

Armenfilm was sold by the state to private investors in 2005 with a long list of conditions of revitalizing the studios' equipment and producing new content. It was rebranded CS Film Studios but failed to produce the required new feature films. In 2015 the Government of the Republic of Armenia decided that the new management had failed to satisfy the conditions of the sale and moved to reclaim the studios' assets.[2]


  • 1923 - In the system of Glavpolitprosvet Narkomat People's Commissariat of Education of Armenia was created the organization "Goskino", in the same year was created the association "Gosfotokino"
  • 1928 - the studio was renamed as "Armenkino"
  • 1938 - the studio was renamed as "Yerevan Film Studio"
  • 1957 - the studio was renamed as "Armenfilm"
  • 1959 - newsreel and television sector is reallocated to the independent Yerevan Studio of Documentary Films
  • 1966 - the studio is named after Hamo Beknazarian
  • 2005 - the film company is sold to the company "Armenia Studios" (which is part of the holding «CS MEDIA CITY», which in turn is owned by several members of the Armenian diaspora in the United States – Gerard Gafeschyan and family Sarkisyan. The new owner is committed to invest $66 million into the studio for 10 years.