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Beeline Armenia
Native name
«Beeline Armenia»
FormerlyArmentel (1995-2017)
Founded1995 March
HeadquartersYerevan, Armenia
Key people
Hayk Yesayan (CEO)
ProductsFixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband and fixed-line internet services

Telecom Armenia CJSC (formerly Armentel) is an Armenian broadband and telecommunications company. "Telecom Armenia" CJSC (Beeline trademark) is part of "Telecom Armenia" CJSC, an integrated telecommunications services operators, headquartered in Armenia.


"Telecom Armenia" CJSC (formerly "VEON Armenia" and "Armentel") belongs to "TEAM" LLC, which was founded by Hayk and Alexandr Yesayan. On October 29, "TEAM" LLC acquired 100% of the company's shares using credit funds.

"Telecom Armenia" CJSC currently operates under the Beeline brand.

Prior to this, "VEON Armenia" was part of the "VEON" Group (headquarters in Amsterdam).

The company has been owned by the "VEON" Group (formerly "VimpelCom") since 2006, and since 2008 has been operating under the Beeline brand.

Being the heir of the first telecommunication system in Armenia, “Telecom Armenia” offers modern innovative solutions, introducing the best world standards in Armenia, in the fields of telecommunications and digital technologies, as well as in the fields of corporate culture and social responsibility.

"Telecom Armenia" supports and encourages the development of digital technologies and Startup ecosystems in Armenia, including the Sevan StartUp Summit. The company is the founder of the Beeline Startup Incubator fund, thanks to which dozens of young startups have already been able to develop their business ideas into full-fledged business solutions.

"Telecom Armenia" provides telephone communication services GSM 900/1800, 3G (UMTS) and standard mobile communication 4G (LTE), fixed telephone communication, and also provides Internet access using CDMA, ADSL, FTTB and VDSL technologies.

The headquarters of "Telecom Armenia" is located at Yerevan, Azatutyan avenue 24/1.


"Telecom Armenia" CJSC provides services of GSM 900/1800, 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) standard mobile communication, fixed telephony as well as Internet access based on CDMA, ADSL and FTTB technologies under Beeline brand on the whole territory of Armenia.

Since 2007 Beeline has been consistently developing broadband internet access services by ADSL technology - Hi-Line, and in March, 2012 the company brought into commercial operation Internet access service by FTTB technology - Hi-Line Optic, the inhabitants of the city Gyumri were the first to experience the new service. In 2008 "Telecom Armenia" CJSC became the first Armenian mobile operator to launch 3G network. Beeline 3G network covers more than 350 Armenian settlements with population of more than 2,9 million. In 2016 Beeline started providing services of 4G network.

The company provides a wide range of services for corporate customers. In particular, to solve corporate problems "Telecom Armenia" CJSC offers the companies to create data transfer corporate networks, using reliable Beeline CDN infrastructure with capacity of 1Gbit/sec.

As of the end of 2013, Yerevan's urban telephone network was 100% digitized. The countrywide digitalization index is 94%.

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