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Armenian Brazilians
Total population
Regions with significant populations
São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Portuguese, Armenian
Christianity (Armenian Apostolic Church, Roman Catholicism), and others
Related ethnic groups
Other White Brazilians, Armenians

Armenian Brazilians (Portuguese: armeno-brasileiro, armênio-brasileiro) are Brazilian persons who are fully, partially, or predominantly of Armenian descent, or Armenian immigrants in Brazil.[citation needed]

Migration history[edit]

Armenian immigrants in Brazil gathered mostly in and around the city of São Paulo, where there are churches, cultural centers, and even a metro station named "Armênia".[2] The Armenian community maintains a strong presence in the city, albeit not in the country as a whole.

Armenians in Latin America arranged a demonstration in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo at the Armenian Genocide monument on 24 April 1965 of the 50th Anniversary of putting into force the Law of Relocation, and a play titled "The Adventures of Armenians 1915" was written and performed by Armenians of Brazil at a theatre in São Paulo.

Notable Armenian Brazilians[edit]

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Further reading[edit]

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