Armenian Evangelical School of Trad

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Armenian Evangelical School of Trad
Bourj Hammoud, Mount Lebanon
Type Private
Established 1936
Closed 2012
Grades Kindergarten - Elementary
Religious Affiliation Armenian Evangelical Church

The Armenian Evangelical School of Trad (Armenian: Հայ Աւետարանական Վարժարան Թրատ) was built in 1936, in a poor area in East Beirut named Trad District. It had kindergarten, and six primary classes.

The last principal was Mrs. Vera Sevadjian.


The Armenian Evangelical Social Center School of Trad was built in 1936, in Trad district, which is a poor area in Eastern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. It was originally a refugee camp for the Armenians escaping from Turkey because of the massacres in 1915. The school was built specifically for disadvantaged children – the generation of the Armenian refugees who, because of their desperate situation, were left without education. Being aware of this situation, a missionary, serving in the Armenian community, Miss Elizabeth Webb, had the vision of founding a center to save these children. So she gathered them and taught them how to read and write.

Later, Miss Webb bought a piece of land and donated it to the Armenian Evangelical Church to be used as a social center. Gradually, the center developed into a school. In 1948 the school had its full elementary classes. In 1969, the present building was established.

The school shared its building with the social center, which was available for the children after school hours, where they could study & receive help. The social center also reached the children & the adolescents through spiritual & social activities.

After the school close, due to the loss of students, it has transformed into an Armenian school for children with disabilities, Zvartnots.

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