Armenian Futsal Premier League

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Number of teams8
Level on pyramid1
International cup(s)UEFA Futsal Cup
Current championsLeo (2nd title)
Current: Current Season at

The Premier League is the premier futsal league in Armenia. It was founded in 1998. The Premier League, which is played under UEFA rules and is organized by the Football Federation of Armenia, currently consists of 5 teams.

2017-18 teams[edit]

Currently, 8 teams are participating in the 2017-18 season:[1]

Club City Arena Capacity
Alaverdi Alaverdi Oleg Gorbunov Sports School n/a
Armenia Travel Yerevan Mika Sports Arena 1,200
Charbakh Yerevan Mika Sports Arena 1,200
Kapan Kapan Davit Hambardzumyan Sports School n/a
Leo Yerevan Mika Sports Arena 1,200
Sh.S.U. Futsal Gyumri Aram Sargsyan Sports Hall 350
Shirak Gyumri Aram Sargsyan Sports Hall 350
VSU Futsal Vanadzor Armenia Sports Arena 950


Season Winner
1998/99 Yerevan
1999/00 Araks Yerevan
2000/01 Hayk Yerevan
2001/02 Hayk Yerevan
2002/03 Hayk Yerevan
2003/04 Polytechnic Yerevan
2004/05 Talgrig Yerevan
2005/06 Adana Yerevan
2006/07 Polytechnic Yerevan
2007/08 Polytechnic Yerevan
2008/09 Erebuni Futsal
2009/10 Kaghsi Hrazdan
2010/11 Erebuni Futsal
2011/12 Shahumyan Futsal
2012/13 Shahumyan Futsal
2013/14 Talgrig Yerevan
2014/15 ASUE Futsal
2015/16 ASUE Futsal
2016/17 Leo
2017/18 Leo

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