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Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovian (ASPU) is higher education institution located in Yervan, Armenia. Armenian State Pedagogical University was founded in 1922. Though it is the most ancient and traditional educational institution in Republic of Armenia, today it is regarded to be one of the most advanced universities due to the recent developments, a variety of educational reforms and internationalization activities. The University displays a considerable progress with an ongoing enlargement of international relationships by cooperating with an ample series of foreign universities, European organizations as a result of which the whole system is recurrently reconsidered and adopted in accordance with the modern European standards. It realizes Student and Teaching staff exchange programs, joint participation in international projects, organizes international conferences, forums, seminars. The university implements a three-level education (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Studies) in 52 different specialties, learning outcomes based curricula and academic syllabus, effective teaching technologies and pedagogical methodologies, highly qualified academic staff, modernized equipment and technological devices. It is the leading Teacher Training Higher Education Centre which trains competent teachers and educators in various professional domains.
There are several scientific institutions within the ASPU, namely:

  • Scientific Center of Armenian and World History, Historiography and Source Studies. The Founder is Manvel Garegin Zulalyan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Academician of the RA National Academy of Sciences, Professor at the Chair of World History.
  • Scientific Center of Theoretical Philosophy, Logic and Philosophy of Science. Scientific supervisor is Georg Abel Brutian, Doctor of Philosophy, Academician of the RA NAS, Chairman of the International Scientific Institute of Metaphilosophy, Transformational Logic and Argumentation Theory at Armenian State Pedagogical University, Professor at the Chair of Logic, Theoretical and Practical Philosophy, Culturology.
  • Scientific Center of Art History, Culturology, Armenian Miniature, History and Theory of Armenian and Medieval Art. Scientific supervisor is Hravard Hrachya Hakobyan, Doctor of Arts, Honored Worker of Science, Professor at the Chair of History, Theory of Art and Culturology.

The rector of ASPU is Professor Ruben Mirzakhanyan (Doctor of Historical Sciences). [1]

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International Cooperation Unit at ASPU[edit]

International Cooperation Unit of ASPU coordinates and implements international partnership of the University in accordance with ASPU international strategy.
The Unit coordinates the implementation of strategic objectives of the university, undertakes the cooperation with foreign higher educational institutions, as well as in close cooperation with the university structural divisions develops cooperation projects and monitors their implementation.
The Unit coordinates and ensures the membership and partnership of ASPU to many networks, organizations, higher educational institutions and research centers all over the world.Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan is actively involved in international projects. The implementation of international projects is closely interlinked with the university development perspectives, improvement of academic and scientific resources, exchange of experience with the leading universities and research institutions.
ASPU cooperates with the British Council, TEMPUS national agency, Rossotrudnichestvo (Russia), as well as is engaged in the projects financed by the European Committee and other donor organisations.
Development and maintenance of cooperation with foreign higher education institutions and scientific centers is one of the strategic objectives of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.
ASPU International Cooperation Unit
Tel: (+374 10) 59 70 53


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