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Armenian State Pedagogical University or ASPU is named after Khachatur Abovian. ASPU is a higher education institution located in Yervan, Armenia and founded in 1922. It runs student and teaching staff exchange programs, joint participation in international projects, and organizes international conferences, forums, and seminars. The university implements a three-level education (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Studies) in 60 specialties.

The rector of ASPU is Professor Ruben Mirzakhanyan. [1]


  1. Faculty of Philology,
  2. Faculty of History and Law,
  3. Faculty of Preschool Education,
  4. Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geography,
  5. Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology,
  6. Faculty of Foreign Languages,
  7. Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics,
  8. Faculty of Art Education,
  9. Faculty of Special Education,
  10. Faculty of Culture.


  1. Armenian Language and Literature,
  2. Mathematics,
  3. Physics,
  4. Informatics,
  5. Natural Sciences,
  6. Technology and Entrepreneurship,
  7. Chemistry,
  8. Biology,
  9. Environmental Studies,
  10. Landscape Planning,
  11. Geography,
  12. History,
  13. Law,
  14. Social Studies,
  15. Culturology,
  16. Musical Education,
  17. Fine Arts,
  18. Clothing Design,
  19. Decorative Applied Art,
  20. Art Theory, History and Management,
  21. Social Work,
  22. Psychology,
  23. Military Psychology,
  24. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy,
  25. Human Psychology and Psychological Consultancy,
  26. Psychology in Practice,
  27. Legal Psychology,
  28. Social and Political Psychology,
  29. Family Psychology,
  30. Social Pedagogy,
  31. Sociology,
  32. Journalism,
  33. Direction,
  34. Instrumental Performance,
  35. Choreography,
  36. Library and Information Sources,
  37. Museum Studies and Protection of Historical-Cultural Monuments,
  38. Artistic Painting,
  39. Camerawork,
  40. Managements /according to the sphere/,
  41. Production,
  42. Psychological Pedagogy,
  43. Elementary pedagogy and methodises,
  44. Elementary Pedagogy and Methodology (accompanied by Russian Language course),
  45. Preschool Pedagogy and Methodology,
  46. Chess,
  47. Methods of Teaching the Blind,
  48. Surdopedagogy (methods of teaching the Deaf),
  49. Oligophrenopedagogy,
  50. Logopaedics,
  51. Ergo therapy,
  52. Special Psychology,
  53. Art Therapy,
  54. Special Pedagogy,
  55. English Language and Literature,
  56. German Language and Literature,
  57. French Language and Literature,
  58. Spanish Language and Literature,
  59. Russian Language and Literature,
  60. Education Management.

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International Cooperation Unit[edit]

The International Cooperation Unit coordinates the implementation of strategic objectives of the university; cooperates with foreign higher education institutions and university structural divisions; develops cooperation projects; and monitors their implementation.

The unit coordinates membership and partnership of ASPU to networks, organizations, higher educational institutions and research centers all over the world.

ASPU cooperates with the British Council, TEMPUS national agency, Rossotrudnichestvo (Russia), as well as with projects financed by the European Committee and other donor organisations. ASPU International Cooperation Unit


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