Armenian Tumbler

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Armenian Tumbler
Conservation status Common
Country of origin Armenia
US Breed Group Flying
Columba livia

The Armenian Tumbler is a breed of tumblers that originated in Armenia, where they are bred for their color and flight. As the name suggests the Armenian Tumbler is a part of the Tumbler family. This breed was developed in Armenia, the Armenian Tumbler is a flying type and color pigeon.


The Armenian Tumbler usually has a distinct markings many having a black neck with a black tail others with a yellow tail and yellow neck, also known as a bellneck. Their feathers are clear smooth but strong, they might also have feathers on their feet. The Armenian Tumbler has a head- round head, they can also be fully crested or non-crested. They usually have a medium sized light pink colored beak or a black beak. Their eye colors can be pearl, orange, and yellow and they can have two eye colors one for each eye.


The Armenian Tumbler can fly for many hours in the air, usually 2 to 3 hours. Typical for the tumbler species, they can spin/roll while in flight.

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