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The Armenian Wikipedia (Armenian: Վիքիպեդիա Vīkīpedyā or Վիքիպեդիա Ազատ հանրագիտարան Wīkīpedyā Azat Hanragitaran) is the Armenian language version of Wikipedia.

It was created in February 2003,[1] as Հայերեն Վիքիփեդիա, but started developing in 2005[attribution needed]. The name was changed to Հայերեն Վիքիպեդիա on April 5, 2012.[citation needed]

In October 2013, it had more than 90,000 articles and more than 390,000 pages.[2] It also has about 25,800 registered contributors, including 8 administrators. By December 2, 2013, it reached 100,000 articles.

With all of its current content, it is listed in List of Wikipedias in the 100,000+ category.

Language used[edit]

The Armenian language used is mainly the Eastern Armenian dialect. However, the Armenian Wikipedia is exclusive, and also contains articles of interest in the Western Armenian dialect, which is predominantly spoken in the Armenian Diaspora.

Some articles have separate Eastern and Western Armenian versions. In those cases, the articles secondary dialect is positioned at the top right corner of the article with the primary dialect. Articles in Western Armenian are also distinctly categorized here - Category: Wikipedia Articles in Western Armenian.


Name change[edit]

The Armenian Wikipedia was originally named Վիքիփեդիա (Vikʻipʻedia) but in 2012 it was renamed Վիքիպեդիա (Vikʻipedia). The letter պ () replaced the letter փ (pʻiwr. This change was done to reflect the unaspirated pronunciation used in the Eastern Armenian dialect, effectively imitating the official form of the Armenian language used in Armenia. The discussion and decision to make that change was done in two phases.[3][4] The change was put in effect on April 5, 2012. However, the revised spelling, Վիքիփեդիա, is not consistent with the Western Armenian transliteration and pronunciation that is mostly used in the Armenian Diaspora.

"One Armenian, One Article"[edit]

On March 24, 2014, both Wikimedia Armenia and the Human Factor (Armenian: «Մարդկային գործոն») launched a promotion, "One Armenian, One Article" (Armenian: «Մեկ հայ՝ մեկ հոդված»). This mass media campaign used various Armenian television stations to promote the message.

The plan aims to increase both the quantity and quality of Armenian Wikipedia articles. In addition to expanding the Armenian-language presence on Wikipedia, a major aspect of the plan is to raise the level of the articles to reflect the rich history of the Armenian people as well as their current, flourishing position in the contemporary world.

The project hopes to organize Wiki-meetings of representatives of science, art and other subjects with the aim of familiarizing them with the Wiki-culture and helping them in making their own contributions in the development of the Armenian Wikipedia. The campaign will be conducted with different training and incentive programs, as well as joint activities with educational and cultural institutions and organizations.

The "One Armenian, One Article" campaign was shown on the Human Factor TV program, which aired on March 24, 2014 on the Armenia TV television channel. The campaign was subsequently popularised by many other information agencies.[5][6]

There was a news conference on the "One Armenian, One Article" All-Armenian project on March 27, 2014.[7]

In July 2014, BBC News reported that as a result of the campaign, the Armenian Wikipedia appeared to be outnumbering its neighbors Georgia and Azerbaijan in numbers of pages: more than 125,000 pages compared to the approximately 102,000 Wikipedia pages on the Azerbaijani Wikipedia and almost 84,000 on the Georgian Wikipedia. The campaign is supported by the Armenian government; Education Minister Armen Ashotyan has publicly stated that, "One Armenian, One Article – I will definitely do that and believe you will too." Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan has said that he has created a Wikipedia entry on the Armenian army.[8][9]




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