Armenian cemetery in Hyderabad

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Uppuguda Armenian cemetery
Location Uppuguda, Hyderabad, Telangana
Country India
Type Armenian
Owned by Archaeological Survey of India
No. of graves 19

Armenian cemetery in Hyderabad, also known as Uppuguda Armenian cemetery, is a three-hundred-year-old cemetery, belongs from Qutb Shahi period. The Armenian cemetery is located at Uppuguda (former Opiguda) a suburb of Hyderabad, India.[1]

The cemetery[edit]

The site houses Armenian cemeteries and churchyard. Total of 19 Armenian are buried in this cemetery, including two priests Rev Johannes (1680) and Rev Simon (1724). This is the last known trace of the Armenian relation with the city of Hyderabad, India.

There was considerable Armenian settlement in Hyderabad, the Armenian community of Hyderabad received a Pontifical Bull from Holy Etchmiadzin. The cemetery was shared by the Dutch and English people residing in Hyderabad, India in those times as there was no specific cemetery for them.[2][3][4]


Armenian cemetery in Hyderabad, India is protected monument by Department of Archaeology under the Indian archaeological sites and remains Act, 1960. It is almost on the verge of being erased due to negligence of residents and responsible department.[2][3][4]

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